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  1. Idea description: Improving battlegrounds by making some changes to increase it's attractiveness to players. The current version of Flavius, for example, is in 6v6 format. So, if a 13th player tries to join the match, he won't be allowed and will be send to another queue instead. The first sugestion consists in making the BG expansive. For those unaware, expansive BG allows people to join the match after it has begun. I honestly don't know how hard is to make this change, but I think it makes a great difference in the matches, since more people = more competitiveness = more fun.
  2. Einbech Mine F3 is better than every place I tried, maybe is a tie if you compare with ABD Guild dungeon only. But, if you put on the balance the loot, no tax to enter and no risk of PK, Einbech is far better, imo.
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