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  1. Clock Card goes on the armor and gives the chance to auto cast the Crusader's skill Auto Guard when hit by melee or ranged attacks. Once the card effect triggers, the skill Auto Guard level 3 is used and the buff icon says it lasts for up to 5 minutes, the problem is that if the card effect triggers again, the Auto Guard is gone, and you'll need to get hit again for it to re-activate, making it impossible for the skill to remain active like it should. Thanks in advance. 🙂
  2. Pets are mobs or items? Don't know, I used the "egg item ID" on the ID field. Ok, here is the bug: The mummy pet has no "autofeed" option on the options dropdown menu.
  3. I'm sorry, there's no double achievements for "50 whispers", just one, but it does not go up as I kill whispers. I've killed 70 whispers, as seen in the "6666 whispers" achievement, but only 3 in the "50 whispers" achievement. Probably some random mob I've killed 😮 I'm trying to do as many of these "kill X monsters" achievements; if I find any others I'll report too.
  4. There's two for Whisper too 🙂
  5. There's two achievement for killing sohees (screens attached). I don't know how I got the counter on the second one to 1/50. I tried killing the "champion sohee", still 1/50.
  6. Yesterday I did all the 3 quests from the Prontera Knightage, in sequence. Today, about 15 hours after I finished the last quest, I logged in to do them again, the tier 2 and 3 (6 and 12 hours cooldown, respectively) had their cooldow reset, but the tier 1 quest (with only 3 hour cooldown) is still not available 😮
  7. After 3 hours, found him inside a tree, you have to pass your mouse through every cell in the map, fun! 😄
  8. I wandered the yuno_fild01 (1st map out of Aldebaran from the top) for arround 3 hours (1 hour a day) looking for the NPC Father Julia who is supposed to be there during the second part of the 2nd Tier Prontera Knightage quest, where you have to escort an injured soldier to him, never found it though. Since Minato said the NPC spawns randomly via script, is it possible for it to have spawned in an invalid cell or not spawned at all? I was also told it changes position every day, that's why I looked for him in 3 different days, still no luck 😮
  9. Whenever an MVP card drops from an MVP Monster, it will be announced server wide: Name + Card Share with us the glory of dropping an MVP Card, and don't you worry, no one will be able to mug you on the streets of Prontera if they know you have an MvP card, chill, your card is safe 😄
  10. But as mentioned earlier, we're lazy, and I want to be able to pwn the casuals again, as fast as possible. Plus, I want to get to level 120 before the new wipe. 😄 PS:
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