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  1. elmmmA

    Regarding WoE

    @MiakiSan 24 players are really different from 12~18 players. And the war situation was totally different, both guilds had more than 30 active members ... Now your guild has quit after being destroyed 2 wars in a row and there is no more EXISTING war. For me 36 players is the best, but your guild started up after being beaten, so we are submitting to it to try to save the war. So no one here is hypocritical, just you are dumb.
  2. elmmmA

    Regarding WoE

    Idea description: Lowering Guild's player capacity inside the WoE Castles from 36 to 24. Why is it good? It's a valid attempt to shake things up regarding WoE, since there's virtually no GvG scenario atm ,as seen from the last 3 WoE. How urgent is this rate 1-10: 10 Will it affect our economy? In some extent, yes. There'll be more guilds playing WoE and players spending zeny on consumables/agit coins. Will it affect any of our core systems? If WoE is considered a core system, then yes. You promise that th
  3. It is very difficult to get reliable information about ragna0, i looked a lot of WoE videos but couldnt found anything to prove its range or meele... @Hadespls help us.
  4. I dont know if this way is the better, but its clear that BG need to be improve. The server doesnt have a good pvp content, just WoE 2/1 time per week... Pvp is the end game of the game, it need to be good... But if we remove the agit coins from GD would just harm the new guilds who want start the server.
  5. Man, your suggestion is EXACTLY what Zelstar does. And the better way to farm zelstar is killing MvPs, so i think its not needed another mvp shop.
  6. Hades can easily check it just asking for any friend on kRO zero. But i THINK its right, because divine pride have old skills descriptions(before rebalance) like you can check the brandish spear as example: https://www.divine-pride.net/database/skill/57/brandish-spear I searched it on iRO wiki (already have the descriptions with rebalance) and says that its only physicall damage(not ranged): https://irowiki.org/wiki/Kunai_Splash Description of the brandish spear just to prove that iRO already have rebalance descrpitions: https://irowiki.org/wiki/Brandish_Spear but the bette
  7. @Hades I think the bug is ignoring the devo, not doing double damage, no?
  8. I dont know, becauise i already open a looooooot of chests, already get all others encahnts more then 3 times and NEVER saw both of this.
  9. elmmmA

    Costumes from WoE

    Content Idea description: Remove ALL costumes from WoE. Why is it good? Help in dynamics and gameplay at woe. At kRO zero they dont have any costumes on WoE. How urgent is this rate 1-10: 7 Will it affect our economy? No Will it affect any of our core systems? Yeah, it will make the WoE better. You promise that this idea is for the better of the server in whole: Sure. Other inputs:
  10. Im pretty sure that this both runes (resist/force acid demonstration) are not coming from the Advanced Guild Enchant Box. I already open more then 200 box and never saw one of then. https://www.ragna0.com/item/view/?id=16152 https://www.ragna0.com/item/view/?id=16175 The fact that the resist is not coming in the war box added to the fact that the AD is doing 2x more damage leaves the war even more unbalanced. If someone has already taken off any of these two runes please correct me in this post, but I never saw 1 on the server
  11. This items transformations should proc with skills, not just auto attacks like the videos below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLovdwdD4OQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfyGwXPYpdM The proc chance should be higher too like the videos. This transformation is good for classes who have really big animations, this change may help some builds.
  12. Would be really good if it get fix before woe 2.0 launch.
  13. 12~18 players per guild? it can't even be called a woe... I think the MINIMUN to a good woe is 24 player per guild, but i dont think it would change anything on the actual situation of the woe... Less than 24 players can't even build a minimally decent squad for the war with essencial classes. Currently our guild plays with around 20 players, changing the war to an 18 player limit would only make our guild stronger and leave the war more unbalanced than ever...
  14. I agree 100% with you. The server has no endgame and the way to get to the endgame is getting very very easy. Its very difficult to keep active players on the server like this. And who say that I say this because I'm already full and I don't want others to be full is the biggest bullshit. I say that because I’ve already spent a LOT of time on that server and don’t want to play on an empty server ...
  15. IGN: elmmmO Discord: elmmO#9463 Timezone: GMT -3 Position applying for: Tester Language spoken: Portuguese/English Preferable time for a chat with me (in ET please): 17h~07h
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