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  1. Kunuma

    Merchant Set

    Changed Status to Closed
  2. Kunuma

    Merchant Set

    Hello Hydra! I just tested the combo on the test server and both bonus sp on hit+2 and +10 luk are working just fine. (In this case it's +1sp because of zipper card)
  3. Hello Suns! i'm sorry that you went through this, but do not worry! actions has been already taken againts the player!
  4. Changed Status to Closed
  5. Hello Tahrovin! since the character Trader3 is currently not overlapping you anymore, i will be closing this post.
  6. Hello! warping while guild/party members kill is pretty common in mag2, especially when the character can't kill mobs alone.
  7. Kunuma

    Toxic Player

    Changed Status to Resolved
  8. Kunuma

    Toxic Player

    Hello dsan! The player has been already banned, thanks for reporting!
  9. IGN: Kunuma/Maria Theresa Discord: Ayrton Kunuma#7764 Timezone: BRT (Brasília Time) - UTC/GMT -3 hours Position applying for: Sub-Community Manager Language spoken: English / Portuguese Preferable time for a chat with me (in ET please): 15H ~ 23H
  10. Oficial servers never allowed data.grf alterations.
  11. Whirlwind, Volcano and Deluge skills duration is not being refreshed by re-casting any Elemental field. Ex: If i cast any of the skills above at 9:01 PM at lv 3 (lasts 3 minutes), it would end on 9:04 PM, But if i decide to refresh at 9:03 PM, the field is only to lasts until 9:04 PM. Since the skill duration is 3 minutes, when i casted it on 9:03 PM, it should be refreshed and endure until :06 PM, instead of expiring at 9:04 PM.
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