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  1. Idea description: 1) Monster Hunter: Zero Version. Redacted there is a custom instance called monster Hunter which consists of a group with 5 players (recalling the idea of a RPG table with Tank, 2 DPS, Support (healer + prof). The idea I had was to do something similar using the Worlds Bosses which was something that was supposed to have been placed when the server opened. The idea is to make a map with 3 fields separated by portals just like the redacted monster Hunter and put on these maps the World Bosses that had been planned for Ragna0, these bosses can be custom
  2. I went there on the map and tried to take an isolated Jupter Thunder and the damage was there. I think it is a bit out of the standard, since there is no one with more than 50k of life in the game.
  3. I also use Alloy Shield +9 and the only difference between my set of equipment and the video is the refinement of the hat. I continue to claim that the damage is much higher on the server and that it needs to be analyzed
  4. Please review the magical damage of the monsters in the game. I agree that the previous damage was very low, but it is currently stupidly strong. I received almost 30k of skill damage from the Sewer Thief Bug on the second floor map of the GH cavalry. Yesterday I took 75k of damage from the fire pillar of Amon Ra. I don't know what's going on, but my suggestion is to slightly reduce the monsters' high magic damage. The physical damage remains the same or even insignificant, but the magic damage is ridiculously high, making PVE something between killing the monster in 1 hit or dy
  5. I made some calculations regarding the description of the skill on the kRO Zero website and from what I understand, after the update the damage of the skill was with the variation of 225% with swords and 450% with spears and not between 450% and 900%. By the accounts made, my damage is below 5k per hit using spear when it should be below 9k in neutral monsters and I have a damage below 8k per hit in monsters with weakness to holy and that should be close to 20k per hit in monsters with weakness to holy.
  6. The Holy Cross skill is far below real damage compared to kRO Zero. I am using high damage equipment on monsters with a weakness to holy and even so I can't even beat 15k of damage. I'm posting photos and a video of a kRO Zero player (pagma) using the set booster and with a level far below mine.
  7. Idea description: What I'm going to put here is a marketing suggestion along with a little tip on how to change in relation to the dialogue with the community. 1ΒΊ) ADMs need to avoid talking about the game (unless it is about an update or an event), any direct dialogue with the community has to be done by the CM, after all they were placed there to do just that. Any kind of direct interaction with the players has to go through the CM, as they will filter the information and pass it on to the ADM. 2) The game store is what makes the game live, the illusion that just increasing the n
  8. Idea description: I've talked with all the active players I could find looking for suggestions to send you. We really like the server and the friends we've made thru it, but it got to a point where we are not feeling stimulated at all to keep on playing here. So we decided to make a few suggestions trying to help the server up and we hope you take a look at it and maybe use some of our suggestions. 1st. Instances like Poring hard and oGH should have individuals chests like the other ones. These instances are too important for the player's progress but we end up making these in
  9. Expedition gear III is not yet giving the effects described in the equipment.
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