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  1. Hello everyone, i do not know exaclty how to express myself in english, but i'll try my best to make my points clear as a cloud in a perfect blue sky. As the title suggests, i'm here to talk about Daily/Weekly/Monthly Bounty Board. At the point i remember, when Ragna0 Team implemented DWM Bounty Board my thought was: "now i can farm things more easily with this, get some Oridecon and maybe BsB". Yes, at beginning DWM Quests were really good, people 80- or with a not so good class to farm Oridecon and Elunium can have a good way to do so. But over time passes by, i notice som
  2. Hello, i have Indulge lv2, which mean i gain 20% of my MaxSP per time use. right now, my character have 1972 MaxSP and when i use Indulge skill it gives me 140, when should be giving me 394 SP per use. (1972 * 20) / 100 = 394 or 1972 / 5 = 394 seems that at lv 2, the skill is considering around 7,1% as base per use. The skill do not consider my actual SP, but only my MaxSP. I don't know if it still giving wrong values when skill have more levels.
  3. Add a green light to drop items that it's zeny value is 10,000 +. (Like the purple light with cards). For example, i dropped a gold, and while i was killing i don't saw it and teleported . After a while i just have lucky to get teleported on the same spot to see it.
  4. Hi, i found a bug on the achievement Big Hunt/Peco Peco 1000x kills. After killing 1000x Peco Peco, i tried to receive the reward, clicking on it, checking email, but nothing happens, so i decided to relog to check if was not my internet or a game problem with the UI. After relog and open the Peco Peco window, the achievement counter was 0/1000, the game reseted the kills. That's it.
  5. I have the same problem, i got disconnected and when i try to log says that my char is online and when he gets offline i try to log and got a disconnect. I really don't know why my screenshot looks like this... edit: i can log again.
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