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  1. No, I only saw from the video. The video pretty much explains that LK there drops weapons while here does not. Maybe you can check the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0St4XLBjd0M No other information for other bio MVPs.
  2. I stumbled with a video in Youtube about killing MVP Lord Knight Seyren at official korean zero, and it surprised me that it actually drops some swords. Which in fact, turns out to be Magid Edge and Sealed Excalibur and presumably Cursed Mysteltainn. While at r0, it only drop a Greaves...? If this implemented, I hope can make the access to the swords easier, since currently the swords are so hard to make (especially Cursed Mysteltainn) Full video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0St4XLBjd0M
  3. Personally I am against it, as I believe some people who come playing zero are coming for transclass sprite, including myself. Besides, I am assuming there are many dumb people who don't know shit about zero and if they see our in-game screenshot having third class sprite, they will assume that this is a server who does have 3rd class sprite. Which in-turn, could lead to a misleading information about this server. Thank you.
  4. update pls about the stat modifier. been like 2 months
  5. IGN: Lille Discord: Quincy#1506 Timezone: GMT+7 Position applying for: TESTER Language spoken: English Preferable time for a chat with me (in ET please): any time
  6. IGN: Eden Discord: Quincy#1506 Timezone: GMT+7 Position applying for: TESTER Language spoken: English Preferable time for a chat with me (in ET please): any time
  7. I create a new post since the previous post is disabled from posting any more comments. I was told by a Korean zero ragnarok player that Basillica at lv 5 is indeed lasts for 3 minutes. The other proof is Video of what was posted in this thread: I hope it will be fixed soon. Thank you.
  8. I don't know, It's only written for only dealing damage to dark/undead enemies. The other possibility is that deepsea coelacanth holds dark/shadow properties
  9. This is actually a good report. Another video, on the minute 2:55 the priest casted the basillica skills, thus it showed the purple icon on the right side of screen. No holy water was used. On minutes 5:50, the icon was gone, and the priest recasted basilica. Show the basilica skill should last for at least 2 minutes and 55 seconds at level 5. No single holy water used i predict that it should not consume anything, according to the kroz.gnjoy skill's website, it does not show anything regarding about consuming any materials. Since if it is, the website would write it
  10. basically something enchanting to players so they can do something other than grinding materials alone just to see it breaks. For PvM parts, I have some kind of ideas: 1. MVP can drop more items for upgrading materials and Headgear. For example, Eddga drops King Tiger Dool (that can be made into a custome) and so on. For upgrading materials, A random gift box would dropped and/or gifted to the players who killed it, and it can be opened into consumables, upgrading materials, or anything enchanting. And make them tradeable. But to avoid monopolization, need to revamp the MVP grieving rule
  11. i think the problem here is not about how Minato talk sensitive things on different discord. The problem is, that Minato, as one of the face of the server, should have different accounts of discord. So he is “UNPROFESSIONAL” or unwise for not having separate discord. When the surge happened, a lot of newcomers came to this “other” discord, and when they did see something sensitive directly said or typed from GM, even it was a joke, it was a bad move. You cannot underestimate the new people way of thinking. Not saying that this is completely Minato’s fault, but as a GM, you should antici
  12. not yet, its WIP after amatsu implemented
  13. this bug has been around since the release of the kingdom quest iirc
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    IRL Nick Name: Andrew Character Name: Yvrael Main Job: Priest AFK Town: Alberta Guild: Ro Buddies Year Born: 1997 Gender: M Personalities: always curious about everything Fruit that you Hate: None Animal that you Love: Dogs Favorite single player games: Pokemon Goal in Ragna0: Feeling nostalgic What were you doing 1 hour ago: Trying to sleep Other stuff you may add yourself here: pls dont send love emote to my character anymore lol jk Insert few selfies: Insert your favorite meme:
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