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  2. Official Patch log for Lif 2.4.0 starts here ================================== Official Content: Work for Lighthalzen under way. Added official Einbroch daily quests. (wiki to follow) Gonryun https://www.ragna0.com/wiki/Gonryun Added Regional Weapons, Unique Headgears, etc, from KRO:Zero Gonryun update. Added Gonryun maps. (Town, dungeon) Added Monsters with their skills. Added cards back to OCA. Daily quests implemented. Why is it added before LHZ? Simple enough: update was for mid level players, a
  3. Well. Can confirm that these items were not listed. Fixed and will take effect next patch. @elmmmA @Senkrad
  4. Official Patch log for Lif 2.3.0 starts here ================================== Official Content: Preliminary work for Lighthalzen under way. Niflheim Zero Quests added. General: Item fixes/additions Fixed level requirement for Booster Headgears. Fixed Newbie Infinite Flywing usage. Minor fixes to Soul of Excalibur options. Added Shimmering Crystal as drop from Zealotous to mirror official. Removed Booster Accessories as part of the combo effect of Booster Gears as they shouldn't be in there. (mah bad, forg
  5. Minato

    Boosting Mace

    Hello @Rokhan, +% aspd from Boosting Mace is working: It looks like it's not because of your shield, shields decreases aspd, just an FYI. Fixed the size damage modifiers for all booster gears affected as it was using a wrong syntax, my bad. Thanks!
  6. Minato

    Boosting Mace

    Changed Status to Resolved
  7. Changed Status to Resolved
  8. Thanks for the report. Fixed to mimic official kro:z. Proc chance increased by 10x when compared from before as the video shows it procs a lot. Can be improved again on a later patch if things are still not that good. Note: gif above doesn't represent the actual proc chance, I just made it very high for checking. cc: @Hades
  9. Hi @Renan Cintra, this is due to the fact that when equipping a 2 hand sword, it decreases the aspd by 2, and with the effect of the booster 2 hand sword, it just nullified it. Thanks!
  10. Noting that this is just a bait/meme suggestion by @GARA1985S due to lack of drama from our beloved discord. why not on +1 instead of +4? 😂
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