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  1. @Luriq verified and approved. @reffreingaming, apologies but you're in a weird spot, you're not 'that' new and you're not a returning player either. 😞
  2. Compensation to Dieux Guild sent for Andlangr Castle:
  3. All applications above are verified and approved. Items are sent via rodex on the indicated IGNs. Thank you and welcome!
  4. Hello aspiring and returning r0 players! This event is intended for you! Packages to be given per account: Guild Package Box Guild Supplies Package Box Mechanics for returning r0 players: Has an account that has not logged in for more than 2 months. Will be checked and the account used for this can't be used anymore. Fill up the application form below. Mechanics for new solo players: Have a new account of more than 1 week old. Package will be given to the newly created account. Fill up the application form below. Mechanics f
  5. ================================================================================================ Patch note 2.1.1.R starts here ================================================================================================ Bugfixes: Fixed Cat's Mouth bonus flee. Fixed Advanced War Whip [1] not being able to be equipped. Changes and additions: Tickets and some items. Stat/Skill reset and decard discount tickets are now account bound instead of character bound. Added clocktower mid gear ingredients with the 'buying store' flag so it can
  6. Applications and this promotion are now officially closed and will be replaced by a new one. Stay tuned! Note: All applications that aren't done yet above are still eligible. (NO MVP CARDS)
  7. All migrated MVP Boss cards are deleted.
  8. SK migrated from @r0 true hero already forfeited.
  9. Minato

    Cat's Mouth Flee

    Changed Status to Resolved
  10. Minato

    Cat's Mouth Flee

    Fixed and will take effect next server restart.
  11. List of applicable items for the new rule on the MVP card migration on the first post. Please DM me on discord until Wednesday, June 9th, 11:59 PM (my time). @NEYMARCENTOPEIA - Phreeoni Card @Excalibur - Phreeoni Card @r0 true hero - Stormy Knight Card Failure to comply will result to your migrated MVP cards to be taken back. @maskoko - please also DM me on discord in order for us to process your MVP cards for migration. (if you accept the new terms that is) Thanks for understanding!
  12. Hello @Elveny, I'm sorry if I took this long to respond. Could you reach me out on discord please? Thanks! Migrated the 2 above. 🙂
  13. ================================================================================================ Patch note 2.0.0.R starts here ================================================================================================ Bugfixes: WoE Refine box being consumed before it enchants a weapon fixed. All Sarah Instance equipment typo on def fixed. (Wasn't really fixed just now, was fixed on a restart weeks ago) Advanced War Flamberge [1] can't be equipped fixed. Arrow Shower 0.5 seconds cast time added per report. Faceworm Queen's Leg L fixed equippe
  14. In my point of view, this works as intended. Code-wise: "Each 10 base STR increases CRIT by 1" works. and it uses the same syntax as the critical damage. So no reason it won't work. I'll keep this open for now.
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