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  1. hi, the hat has the same aspd and i Play every day, so i know i have 192 aspd, i played before and after the nerf. So maybe the ASPD is not update, but berserk potion, adrenaline rush, the aspd for the axes in whitesmiths. Im completely sure that my aspd got reduced 2 points, the day before ra-sync i killed minerals for epolets with 192 aspd...
  2. We have the theory that, maybe when merging the code (Ra-sync) the ASPD formula got messed up with the Renewal formula or something
  3. With the current equipment i had 192 aspd but now i have 190 with a Whitesmith and i could swear i had 80 instead of 76 critical, but the ASPD im completely sure it was 192 with the exact same equipment, i even made 3 days ago the twin dragon ring to +9 in order to achieve 192 aspd without external buffs
  4. @MiakiSan i still efing hate this idea, and i believe to be terrible, its just adapting to a decadent number of players and this will do NOTHING to increase the base number of participants, but, you know what, im willing to test everything like throwing spaghettis to the wall. This is not that i love the idea, just desperation.
  5. I kind of remember this suggestion, but sadly still dont like it. I don't see why we want more guilds, what i might think is that we want more PLAYERS, and splitting guild will only make the same number of players consistent without difference. One WoE per week ALMOST seems pointless, since its a different castle every day, players can choose play 1 WoE and not entering the other one, since you dont lose the castle until the next week, just choose which day you want to be active, obviously this is best when there is more PLAYERS not more GUILDS active. As per the other point the W
  6. I would really suggest test cases and test scenarios before releasing changes, and/or updating them for this case in particular. It really helps to not miss this kind of stuff https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Test_case
  7. I have only open a petty 40 boxes, i can only say i have not received one yet, but im swimming in holy cross resist, blitz beat etc, even gave as a gift storm gust and meteor (wizard skill) resist. I have 1 asura resist and 1 sonic blow resist. The best test in my opinion is that a GM edits tons of agit, buy them in the store and open to confirm it really drops correctly. Its very fast to test this way and also is easy to miss misspelled code or something while reading the script only.
  8. As most WoE/PVP enthusiast know. Acid demostration makes the same damage to Players and monsters, making imposible to live 1 hit in pvp areas, and get into 1hp while in WoE. This makes the META in the server fully around creators and wizards, making jobs like Snipers, Lord Knights, Whitesmiths or other meat headed off-tanker useless. with my Whitesmith i have full advanced woe set for resistance, thara, special alloy shield and popo hat and i still get in coma, so i can believe any other job not being Merchant class or Swordsman class will never survive. This is urgent, it discourage
  9. I noticed this too, barricates in a 2.0 WoE should last a LOT LONGER. I remember WoEs where a guild of 10 people could defend several guilds, as long as they put pneumas/safety/land protector in them and heal at the correct time. In this last woes, the defenses fall in seconds not even any hope to heal them. Probably the tests should be something like duplicate HP and/or defense if they have it and see if they stand strong well. Just please dont make it 1 damage barricate, skills like asura etc should work on them
  10. Loved the suggestion, tho everything you suggest should have been obvious. To be honest without double login (i didn't do it tho, just have my Whitesmith) we would not have a single BG. So if double log isnt allowed we should reduce the number to 3v3 and make the badge reward increase with the number of players that compete in the said BG (for example Flavius if is 3v3 100, 4v4 150, 5v5 200, etc) to prevent hard abuse from this. And yeah, i broke the weapon of people in the first 30 seconds and they were basically out of the game for the rest of the BG
  11. To further increase the incentive to play woe/bg i would like to suggest the Raking panel. It looks something like this: This helps in a lot of ways. How effective is a player, how much it costs his upkeed, KILL/DEATH rank, just tell your friends that complains he uses 200 pots per woe that you use 1000, you get the point. This stimulates the competitiveness in people and wants to have the Max Damage, or Max number of kills etc. At least you should be able to look for a specific player or yourself to see your statistics but if it could have options for Max amount of dam
  12. I dont like this at all. You cant force a guild of friends or not to split just because guilds aren't competitive, they'll find a way to play together or maybe not play at all. What can be done is give incentive to the people to play WoE/increase the population of the server in hopes that a % plays in said events. Also i believe a good enough people plays, they just choose to play in 2 main guilds, but the last woe i think i saw a 3rd possibly big guild (I think Arial Black). Just let the other guilds mature a bit and lets wait for the plans to increase server population
  13. Axes Forged from ranker blacksmiths
  14. Yeah, pvp needs an incentive, maybe even once a week or month qualifiers/ a budokai 1v1 or 5v5, 2v2 dont cate but, at some point there is enough farming and not enough action in my opinion. The price, the critical explosion aura from the Monk, (costume, not effect obviously, tho i would not mind the effect XP)
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