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  1. Clock Tower Manager's Commset - Matk +20 when set with Clock Keeper Card gives -15% VCT, u miss the movement speed
  2. MvP is not Miniboss 🙂
  3. Milk

    Subject to Change

    As i figured out, Champions(Solid Monsters, etc.) Spawn 5~ Seconds after requirements are being fulfilled So flywinging after killing something goes directly against the Nature of the delay of the Spawnrate Why, who asked for this and what is the reasoning behind this change? even 1 second is too high
  4. Idea description: Exchanging normal Headgears to Costume Headgears, an alternative way. Instead of spending 3m Zeny for exchanging you could spend about 100 to 150 Zelstars per exchange. Why is it good? Because you don't need to spend your hard earned money for Costume HGs. Instead you can spend Zelstars. :3 (which you can farm while farming stuff for crafting that Headgear...) How urgent is this rate 1-10: For me : 8 for you 1 Will it affect our economy? There probably will be more Costume HGs on the Market. Unl
  5. Idk I have change the port and as long I don’t open a second client, it’s work fine
  6. @Lukien @ne0n Change the cfg to [general] port=5122 enjoy
  7. He means ASPD potion not healing potion
  8. Milk

    Endow from Weapons

    This is right, u cast the endow skill and the skill is changed in Zero to a screen Party buff
  9. ME don’t Work with Mount too
  10. Milk


    Do u start both as admin ?
  11. Milk

    ragnarok 0 for Mac

    It’s work fine with WineBottler but the load screen is extremely long
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