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  1. Cannot obtainClaw of Desert Wolf through normal means (only OBB and OPB) since there is no Desert Wolf in the game yet.
  2. ASPD explained by Munbalance In the video above you can see what are the mechanics nowadays for the ASPD potions, since they don't add an flat amount anymore. Basically, for your agi and in the case of a Berserk pot, the math equals: 9*12/200 = 0,54 aspd gain For the other potions the numbers would be even lower. And since Ragnarok doesn't work with fragmented numbers, it rounds down to 0, which is why you are gaining no ASPD at all.
  3. I'm deeply against this change. I understand that some players may be penalized by that but, in reality, we're going in an even worst direction. The refining mechanics are crucial in here and if end-game gears are put in question, such as the best Expedition gears and acessories, we're going to have an ABSURD increase on ore usage, and consequently, zeny. To be more specific on this thread: the particular chance of an armor going from +7 to +9 on normal ores is represented by: 20% * 20% = 4% The chance of an armor going from +7 to +9 on Enriched ores (and the original kRO:zero HD ores) is represented by: 40% * 40% = 16% As you can see, we're multiplying the efforts needed to get an +9 item by 4 TIMES, which is insanity if we are talking about already expensive and unnacessible stuff, let's remember that the flat cost of these stones are 1,75 million zenies. I strongly advise you to reconsider this change.
  4. Confirmed it to happen in hard mode too. Also confirmed the 3 egg kill starting the bug. teste1.webm
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