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  1. It's a good source of stat, for sure. But there are a lot of issues impacting the cooking system that are consequences of the zero gameplay routine, them being: 1) We already have a really big amount of daily tasks: huge variety of quests, instances and obviously, gearing and leveling. 2) High end content is dangerous. You'll die. You'll die a lot. So with that in mind, we always look into getting the most out of our time. Doing quests that reward you with the most consumables like Glast Heim and Hugel are one of the ways to ensure we don't run out of buffs too quickly without inve
  2. IGN: ne0n Discord: André Ricci#2043 Timezone: BRT (Brasília Time) - UTC/GMT -3 hours Position applying for: Sub-Community Manager Language spoken: English / Portuguese / Italian Preferable time for a chat with me (in ET please): 9h ~ 19h (server time).
  3. Idea description: As the HP, also displaying your party members SP bars when nearby (on screen). Why is it good? Since we are greatly inclined on content that requires party-play and Scholars/SP bursting play a big role on our meta strategies, displaying SP bars would make things a lot easier for the jobs to be done. With this change, party members would no longer need to flood voice calls for SP all the time, making the Scholar's job a lot easier and efficient. How urgent is this rate 1-10: [5] I guess... Would greatly enhance the gameplay but it's n
  4. You can't steal with ranged attacks, only with mellee.
  5. ne0n

    MvP Ranking Points?

    From my experience, what seems off: Tao Gunka: Very high damage and HP, needs a decent setup to kill and also has a long respawn time, should be moved up, maybe a D. Orc Hero and Orc Lord: both are really weak, no threat at all. Surely an E rank. Dessert Phreeoni: soloable by most classes to be honest, not really that strong, would fit better along with the others on rank C. Kraken is an A for sure. Giant Octopus is a B.
  6. Cannot obtainClaw of Desert Wolf through normal means (only OBB and OPB) since there is no Desert Wolf in the game yet.
  7. Very lovely ❤️ Boa rapaz!
  8. ne0n

    [WoE] Guild Congress

    Treasures are very undertuned, I would definetly like to see OCA's, Enriched/HD ores, Blacksmith Blessings and all the good stuff. Winner gets it all. Also, what is Midgard Glory used for? Enchanting costumes with stats? And about the 2nd edition guild dungeons, are they going to come together or there is no such thing in ro:zero?
  9. Ahhhh, very nice then! No troubles.
  10. So... the updated version of the DWM quests has been released and its been a little bit tweaked from the Beta stages, as you can check it here. As it was stated before by Minato in his previous patch update, there is no Blacksmith Blessing available anymore. We all know here that zero mechanics revolve all around having your gears +9 or even +10 for the real bonuses. It's just absurd the amount of effort it goes into obtaining some gears, which makes Blacksmith Blessings a NECESSITY. Imagine having to get your entire Expedition Set I through +4 until +7 without breaking and having all yo
  11. ASPD explained by Munbalance In the video above you can see what are the mechanics nowadays for the ASPD potions, since they don't add an flat amount anymore. Basically, for your agi and in the case of a Berserk pot, the math equals: 9*12/200 = 0,54 aspd gain For the other potions the numbers would be even lower. And since Ragnarok doesn't work with fragmented numbers, it rounds down to 0, which is why you are gaining no ASPD at all.
  12. ne0n

    Updated Lif

    Any news/info on the release date guys? Unripe Yggdrasilberry
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