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  1. this issue will be fixed on next patch.
  2. Will be fixed in upcoming patch
  3. Changed Status to Resolved
  4. I will be looking into this issue
  5. Next patch onwards, you will be resupplied with wands if you accidently used some of them.
  6. Changed Status to Resolved
  7. Good idea. I'll add this QoL
  8. Father Julia is located on this map, but he moves around the map to look for herbs to make his medicine. If you look around the whole map, you should be able to find him.
  9. Hi 0nians, It has been almost a year since our initial launch, and we hope that you enjoyed it. Our initial aim was to bring the Zero experience to the RO fanbase. However, we found that some changes in Zero mechanics were required to cater for population difference with the actual Zero. While we will release more zero content in future, we may adapt them with player interests in mind. As for our future, we plan to release a new ragna0 server called 'lif' which will be a Transcendence server (Max Level 120). Marking a new beginning, it also comes with improvement and tweaks to t
  10. Event Valentine's Event has ended St Patrick's Event has begun! Find St Patrick's Event Guide in Prontera to seek out the event NPCs: Collect raw ingredients for the Brewmasters to make Pretzels (and some exp) which can be exchanged for various rewards: Quest cooldown: 3 hours War of Emperium Disabled until further notice. Castle owners will reset on 29/3 Item Infinity fly wing now storable
  11. Event Conclusion of Valentine's event Event to end on 15/3 (Sunday) Commands implemented Battlestats Displays basic stats and damage & reduction modifiers. Monster Reduced respawn time of the following mini bosses Giant Whisper Ghostring Eclipse Mastering Vagabond Wolf Champion/Fever Mini/Boss spawn to be on same cell as player Pets Enabled autofeed to all pets
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