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  1. After hunting HOs to get tokens and repeatedly having the same person mobbing several (15+) after the announcement happened that the spawn was at 270/300. I managed to get a single Orc General. Apparently he wasn't to happy with that as he immediately upon finding me dropped several safety walls on the mini boss and tried to ks it... Side note: is it intended that the spawn counters in Clock Tower for minibosses occur every 30 kills now? I thought this was a bug from the champion spawning script or something...
  2. Ice pick should still affect it hades. Even in the off hand. And if atk affects it %atk vs x should also affect it.
  3. Honestly, either the +10 or just removing the damn animation thing... either works.
  4. Is this not purely a cosmetic issue? The skill still does the same amount of damage (1450% matk) and does this damage at the point in which you cast, not on each tick of the skill. So the number of visual hits doesn’t matter. It could be 10 hits and it wouldn’t change the end result.
  5. gotcha, just the item description needs to be updated then
  6. Simple fix, baseline black eremes scarf on kRO zero has +1 agi and +1 hit before you equip the wanderers sakkat with it. as per a Pagma video:
  7. the skill puts your weapon atk to 300% atk, not increasing your damage by 300%. So if your weapon has say 200 atk and you deal 1000 damage, it increases that to 600 atk on your weapon but does not mean you deal 3000 damage. weapon atk is only a portion of the atk formula. Edit: I stand corrected. Shortly after the 15:45 mark in this video it can be seen that the only buff that drops off is the Maximum Power Thrust buff and the whitesmiths damage is cut to roughly half. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1dv79aIoS0&start=950
  8. The video is from before the nov dev log patch notes and is clear that it is not carrying element. I have supplied both video proof of kRO:zero that shows it is forced neutral. I have also supplied the Renewal dev log that translated states the skill is changed from forced neutral/cannot miss to carries weapon element/requires a hit check. I’m not really sure what other proof you are requiring. Either use the fact fact there is video proof of it being forced neutral, or implement a hit check.
  9. Assuming divine pride is correct, Howard (the whitesmith) has 200 def and was hit for 80k spiral pierce (first mob killed in the video). Assuming monsters take damage the same way players do that means 200 def is 30% physical damage mitigation. That means the full damage of the spiral pierces against Howard was roughly 114k pre-def....
  10. so you are telling me a knight with 100+457 atk is doing higher damage then the knight with 171+629 atk because the weight... come on now...
  11. Just found the cast time/cooldown info here https://roz.gnjoy.com/news/devnote/View.asp?category=3&seq=1088&curpage=1 looks like its a 1.5 second cooldown which im pretty sure is what we have in game. It is likely that if his seems shorter there is possibly a cooldown reduction somewhere on his gear.
  12. In this video it can be seen that the LK with 171+629 atk in fully decked out gear is hitting with wind endow (which is hard to see, ill explain shortly) is hitting frozen targets which are water 1 for 100k. We have LKs here in absolute trash gear with endows hitting well over that. As for the endow: at the 9:23 mark in the video he dies, you can watch him rebuff his character including using the single wind endow scroll he has left on his bar, the buff appears to shift his buff bar down on the right side of his screen and is hidden by his camera. But the scroll is very clearly wi
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLovh-ElsqI Video shows at around 4:51 the bones summoned by the boss apear, 1 beside the character. those bones disapear 10 seconds later at 5:01. A set of several of the bones start apearing starting at around the 5:20 mark and continue to spawn until they all disapear at 6:23. He summons another set that appears to stay til the boss is killed. *** It should also be noted the bones seem to cast several more skills then we have them casting (to my knowledge). Current list I have visually confirmed they cast: Frost Bolt, Frost Driver, Sou
  14. Found a couple zero videos showing the use of bio canabalize (think thats what its called?) First Video shows a alchemist, virtually nothing in the way of gear hitting 1k+ with hydra and 2k+ with parasite. Both videos show a significantly longer duration of the plants. The second video shows the plants summoned for the entire 4 minute duration fight vs the instance boss. They also show the plants being inside of the Dark Grand Cross and not seeming to take damage, infact I cannot find any instance that shows the summoned plants can be damaged.
  15. Was able to dig up a confirming source that acid demo is forced neutral on zero. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YgumkbbJHJo Video shows acid demonstration on a fire endowed creator hitting a LK (fire property, high vit) 180k Without lex and hitting a Sinx (poison, low vit) 80k without lex. Here is the translation of the kRO Nov 2019 devlog from Sigma on Divine Pride https://www.divine-pride.net/forum/index.php?/topic/4233-note-additional-genetic-improvements/ This was a RENEWAL change and not a zero change. If Acid Demo carries element in zero it follows the sa
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