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  1. 2 servers now? Sounds like "Aesir" will be gone to oblivion, at least let us existing players transfer our accounts to the new server Or at the very least go more in depth in "Event patches". Does this mean there will be no more content for the current server? Just for the record I have an idea on how to keep actual players: 1. Account transfer (even if its delayed 2 months after the new server's opening to allow other people to "catch up") 2. 1 character transfer with a Full Inventory Item limit (100 different items)
  2. after you start refining youll notice how easy is to get ~700 hard DEF, so yeah, armor is kinda worthless as an option
  3. JPO

    Table xp

    Exp Tables and death penalty were already adjusted from vanilla, cutting experience required by around 2/3 and death penalty to 5% from 10%
  4. These would be the strongest agreements I have: In addition to this, it has to be noted the constant resistance to change/suggestions/criticism. From 90% of suggestions being denied or simply closed because it "Makes the game too easy" which is a frequent response to this kind of feedback. Most players suggest improvements to make it more feasible to achieve certain Zero gears/milestones without taking away the challenge/grind itself, just decreasing a notch the time investment/requirements. Im aware the admins and a healthy percentage of people here want an as close as possible experi
  5. 2 patches gone by and it's still bugged.
  6. Basically what I said earlier, just get a good forged/optioned weapon and an earth deleter. Mine is a 2 h sword almost perfectly rolled for poring instance, where a friend is able to do a similar clear time with a lance having only boss damage i think. A 50-60 atk weapon + andres or whatever should also do the trick. I clear the instance somewhere in between 7-9 mins where my friend does it in around 10-12 I would say. The thing with swordies is that you will need gear, where with archers or something the investment is minimal. Boils down to personal preference, investment to it and gear
  7. I usually do 6 runs soloing with swordies, and run a mix of str/agi/vit build, bashing for 3k dmg on bosses
  8. I run 6 swordies with a sweet optioned weapon and earth deleter, able to 1shot magnum break everything but drops
  9. Renewal formula, you basically need around 530 total Int+Dex to remove variable casting time. In easier terms, you cant achieve instant cast, due the ridiculous amount of stats needed plus no way of removing 100% of the fixed cast time. So even if you had said amount of stats, you will still have the fixed cast of the skills
  10. As stated by the armor refinement bonus: Should be giving an attack speed bonus, in addition to the crit damage, however its not giving the ASPD bonus at the moment, and for the crit and cast time, cant really test since I only have one piece. Proof: Left: Loli Ruri Shoes + Expedition Manteau I = 14% ASPD Right: Expedition Full Set should be 17% Should be giving about the same ASPD value as the loli ruri shoes, if not slightly higher, since the total refinement of the set equals 27 Thanks @Hades @Stroheim
  11. Just completed the quest, thanks!
  12. The thing is that it scales with agi, just like aspd pots, but the skill itself should give you 10% aspd, regardless of your agi
  13. @StroheimThe skill is indeed bugged, along with Adrenaline Rush and possibly Spear Quicken. Let me back up my buddy here since I actually have some screenshots. According to https://www.divine-pride.net/forum/index.php?/topic/3453-kro-mass-skills-balance-1st-2nd-and-transcendent-classes-skills/ changes which are currently implemented on our version, all these skills (2H Quicken, Spear Quicken and Adrenaline Rush) should give +10% Attack Speed or -10% delay after attack. 1.3 Two-handed Quicken- Increases attack speed (reduces delay after attack by 10%).- Also increases Cri and Hit pe
  14. Another piece of proof of expedition rings being refinable, taken out straight from kRO marketplace. http://roz.gnjoy.com/itemdeal/dealSearch.asp?itemfullname=시간의 부츠#
  15. JPO


    You can pretty much test builds on iRO's renewal calc, since damage formulas in terms of gear/stats are the same, at least thats what I do. Yeah, some skills and ASPD numbers will be off, and in terms of optioned gear you can always play around with card slots and adding/substracting bonus stats to try to match as close as possible your weapon/gear base and bonus stats and just check which one throws off bigger numbers. Again, they wont be accurate, but at least they give you some insight/baseline on what to work on
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