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  1. I'm unsure about who's the guild leader, but its name doesn't require further explanation.
  2. The 60s buff for +20% damage on Throw Arrow/Musical Strike on the Bard & Dancer's Essence II Lv2 isn't working properly, while the other attributes work just fine. I'm getting +50 extra ATK, from the first line (+5 ATK for each level of Dancing/Musical Lessons learned), passive +20% damage on Throw Arrow/Musical Strike, possibly 4% long range physical damage (hard to measure due to the default damage variance) but not the last one, that's supposed to be an extra +20% damage on Throw Arrow/Musical Strike for 60 seconds after casting [Encore]. As it reads: The issue probably lies
  3. You guys (more than any other 0nian) knew that using LP to disable other people from dealing damage is considered griefing - you've already been warned about this. From dsan's POV it's possible to see you've spent some time discussing whether I'm a GC or HC crusader even before Drake spawned. And the reaction of some of you after Porquinha casted LP made it even clearer that everyone there knew it was griefing. You knew I was gonna record, thus the "hello youtube" chats and the fact dsan, as a joke, said he would "advertise his stream on youtube" (sic) by the end of it. There is no way
  4. As you can see in those clips, this surely decreased the chance of missclicking, even when the minions stood on the same cell.
  5. The title & video are self-explanatory. This guy has been using an edited version of MVPs' models to make them be drawn larger in his client, making it easier to target them amidst summons and other foes. There are several other occurrences in that stream VOD in which other bosses are affected by this cheat.
  6. nanaboo

    MVP Griefing

    Hm, I think the table have turned
  7. Nuff said, Drake has no AOE for LP to be effective other than to disable other players. Also attached a replay file for a third POV. LP.rrf
  8. *procede quotando* Vejo que você tem QI de 2 dígitos, então vou explicar: o que o Hades disse foi pra mudar o rank da guild que diz "foda-se" e não o nome dela. Brainlet.
  9. Thanks, Sherlock. Agora suma daqui, macaco.
  10. 👍 Tá querendo atenção, é?
  11. None of the Poring Village-related jello fragments is able to be registered in Buy/Purchase shops, even though they're fit for its requirements (ETC/Consumable, stackable). Edit: Mythril and Mythril Ores have the same issue.
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