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    Acid Terror

    Hello, At the moment, the class Creator is only used to do Odin, because his other skills need spend zeny and do less damage compared to other classes, so no one uses creator to do anything else, we don't see creators doing ogh, lhz, sarah memory and faceworm unless you are helped by friends. I saw in other Zero mechanic server that changed the acid terror skill to make the class more useful. the changes are: "Acid Terror The skill stops applying Bleeding to start applying Chemical Burn. Chemical Burn is a negative effect that receives cumulative charges on enemies inflict
  2. @MinatoAny answer for us ?
  3. Hello, Before the rA sync, the skill "Cross Slash" applied at the enemies the status "Cross Wound" for 3 seconds, enemies with that status suffered more damage for both "Slash's" skills [Shadow Slash and Cross Slash] same in kr0. After the rA sync, only the "Cross Slash" has your damage increases with that status. Could you check that, please?
  4. Yes! Make ninja's great again #
  5. The skill "Cross Slash" should apply the stats "Cross Wound" for 3 seg and if you hit the target with that stats you should "inflict more powerful damage" like the description of the skill. Can you look it?
  6. After the RA-sync I can't equipe my #13077: Kagekiri and the skills " Kunai Explosion" and "Swirling Petal" doesn't none damage, like this skills don't exist, the character do the animation but don't do any damage. And I think the formula damage of the "Throw Huuma Shuriken" and "Kunai Splash" and "Earth Chmar" don't works as it should
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