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  1. new client will have public party search feature? i know is a spoiler that you probably want to keep. I hope comes real soon, and not Soon™. Some love on PvP content sounds good. Only BG can save us all.
  2. Idea description: Battlegrounds is probably the best custom feature on the server. But, is the most abandoned at the same time. And why is that? well, because rewards are wrong. Battlegrounds should be a place where you can practice your PvP, have fun and prepare for WoE at the same time. Right now, the PvP experience in the server is poor, almost nonexistent. And why rewards are wrong? because right now, is expensive, very expensive for some classes play a single BG match. Sinx need EDP, Creator need acids/bombs, Whitesmiths need zeny and the current rewards ar
  3. I'm a kind of agree, but, from 36 to 24 is big. you are asking to a guild leader expel 30% of his guild. i don't mind get expelled, i like competence, but 12 members... maybe from 36 to 32 or 30.
  4. Maedren


    toprohispano.com y ragnatop.com are the most visited on latin america i think. at least for spanish speaking.
  5. IGN: Maedren Discord: Maedren#6725 Timezone: (UTC-07:00) Position applying for: Tester Language spoken: English / Spanish Preferable time for a chat with me (in ET please): Anytime
  6. I'll assume you only do it to annoy. If not, it has already been discussed and the answer is no.
  7. I agree that guilds are a bit big for today's "competition". But telling guild leaders that they have to fire guild members to "improve" the competitive environment really sucks.
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