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  1. Hey guys. Since the website changed I found a little hard to get by and find the donate pages without some help. That's why I created this quick guide for those that wanna get that sweet and savory cash coins. Log-in in the official website (www.ragna0.com). Click on the small bag on the upper right corner, and select 'Get Credits'. Enter the amount you'd like to donate. Just a reminder: 1 USD = 1 Credit, and 1 Credit = 100 Cash Points. Click 'Confirm Donation Amount' and, on the next screen, click on 'Donate'. Insert your data and donat
  2. As shown in attached video, the bug manifests when you use Mystical Amplification and you've got a magic attack already ongoing. This really influences the High Wizard gameplay, since the skill combo is > use a skill (ex: storm gust) > while it is still ongoing, amplify next skill > use next skill when the first one is over OR while its still ongoing (ex: meteor storm). HW's are actually losing lots of damage with this. 1858633800_Ragna0Bug-AmplificationMadewithClipchamp.mp4
  3. So, after the new client was patched up, Gravitational Field got a new animation. We're getting two issues with this: This animation is making the game FPS drop for all players in the screen The animation isn't adjusted to the area of damage The actual area of damage of this skill is the following: In other words, the skill's damage is 5x5 and the sprite is showing up 7x7:
  4. Hey guys Since we're fixing things to mimic the official server mechanics, I wanna suggest we fix some things about biolab3 quest. In Ragna0, the quest we get is to kill 10 of each bio3 mob. But on kRO zero, the same quest is to kill only 2 of each mob. Since recently the reward for the quest has been nerfed, I thought that maybe the team should fix the quantity too, to match it. Check the information on this Pagma's video screenshot: You can also check that in this piece of video and watch as the numbers goes above his head:
  5. English version available! Also updated with new information regarding daily quests, Temporal Set (OGH) and some minor tweaks.
  6. Now updated with: Daily Gonryun Quests Daily Louyang Quests Daily Ayothaya Quests Zero Group Info for Leveling Zero Group Set (Booster Set) for Newbie Equipment Next update: EN-US version Add OGH
  7. Starter Bundle for New Players - Account Bound acessories + convenience consumables and a really nice costume. Content Idea description: The idea is to offer a Starter Bundle for new players that have just arrived in the server. My suggestion is something in the lines of: Golden Chest (30 days) - Also, I suggest simplifying the VIP System since it is really confusing. 2 of the Following Acessories (account bound): Acolyte Figure (https://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=re_item_db&item_id=2767&ird=0) Archer Figure (https://ratemy
  8. We need new daily login rewards! Tags: Login rewards; Attendance rewards Content Idea description: We have the same login rewards since the server opened. We need new rewards to keep old players interested and reward their loyalty 🙂 Why is it good? You make old players interested in logging in daily again, depending on the rewards. You also make new players eager to login daily to not miss some reward that is not coming back. How urgent is this rate 1-10: It is around 8 since the current one is so old
  9. Hello, everyone! It's been a while since I've been playing on Ragna0. When I started, I felt that a lot of special mechanics were left behind my own lack of information. Thinking about that, now you can check (almost) everything about Ragna0 on my guide, Ragna0 101. It's not meant to be an in-depth guide, but a nice overview of everything we have in R0. EN-US Version: https://docs.google.com/document/d/18ZVOYDgO0tuHSWxyEoEAjYd70uJahNYbUNAfs6vlBzE/ PT-BR Version: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1x5ajGK-FX1bmVJ3_icOtzcoiCqLkDpkFNVwpvUTnznw/edit#headin
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