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    Ragna0 Public Beta

    Ragna0 Public Beta Background Hello, I'm Lai, the guy who disguised as "Hades" when we first opened Ragna0 back in 2018, the Ragna0 Aesir server, we called it. Back then, the whole kRO Zero was a new concept, cause it just launched...and Stroheim with this idea to create a mimic private server made me jump into this ship as well... Since my name is pretty big in private Ragnarok in many bad ways (many haters), we thought create brand new profiles and create a fresh new Ragnarok environment for this new unique server setup, Zero mechanism to prevent unnecessary drama involving into the server. Aesir server was pre-transcendent and it didn't last very long, because of a lot of bugs and unknown and wrong factor... well it's pretty hard back then, we were the first server with Zero mechanism and to get accurate info was hard... the server back then were populated by mostly western player base, and then at one point a bunch of BR players came in with a streamer....but the whole thing lasted around 7 months or so... We decided to let Aesir run (an excuse not to compensate ppl), and create a new server on the side calling it Ragna0 Lif, this time we thought we had a lot more information and released the server as Transcendent update. That's 2019, and at that time, kRO:Zero also has released a lot more content. The beginning of Ragna0 Lif was good, boosted by 90% BR players, due to the help of the Streamer, and I'm still disguised as "Hades"... everything was good in the start, but slowly shit started to happen... a lot of fake drama and speculations and rumors got the name "Lai" involved into the server. Another private Zero mechanism server was made, and got promoted by the western player base streamer, which impacted our server a bit, due to the fact that our server was 90% BR player back then. A lot of bad updates were made eventually in Lif, because we wanted to follow kRO:Zero as much as possible...many things that really wasn't cut for, I added into the server. The server math of Lif was not well made for long term...thing that supposed to be hard, we too easy, and easy stuff were too hard... But good thing, Lif lasted longer! From 2019 to 2021! So 2 years! Better than the first try. And here we are, I'm no longer hiding behind "Hades", tbh, with Hades was still Lai but more political corrected. Was super annoying man... Now, I'm being my self, and going to open up Ragna0 another time. The 3rd time 😄 The 3rd Time Ragna0 is now going to be called Ragna0 (no more nicks), with 10x10x5x rates categorized as low rate server. We will follow kRO:zero with it's Item/Content time lines. Currently releasing the Beta with update up to Destroyed Morocc. Only 4 major updates behind the official. Ragna0 will have our own featured skill rebalances and features based of our own. Please take note, that we will not consider the "official behavior" when it comes to skills and features. The only thing we will take and try to be official are the Items/Gears/Quests and content timelines. Also, this time will be the final time, I will no longer re-create Ragna0, because I have the confident to say that there won't be any more "mistakes" or "exposes" that will be the excuse for failure. We will be a Progressive server, meaning sometimes updates can change stuff, can affect economy, class balance, etc. But I promise to create as tiny differences as possible when we update. No drastic rebalance updates. Main goals with the new server is to create following All Jobs Matters Were every jobs have a way to survive in PvP or PvM and worth to invest. no more LKRO. You will see skills that is not same with other servers including official (don't make bug report, it's normal in our server.) Offensive = Defensive = Supportive The goal is to create a balance were if you invest in Def or dmg or buff, you will matter. 100% Offensive won't 1 shot 100% defensive. Sense progression Easy stuff = easy, hard stuff will be made hard. Low level stuff shouldn't be too grinding and should be able to be cleared by solo or 2-3 ppl. While late game content will be hard, even if you are well geared. Effort = Time = Result This is a new term I came up with and strongly believes in, we have categorized our game currency in following ladder: From Most valuable to least, you can see what is most valuable in our server. Zeny = global currency Cash Point = monetized currency Jelstar = service / npc time currency Agit Coins = PvP/BG currency Midgard Medals n Union Merits = supplies supportive. Event Point = Auto events / forum events currency costumes hats Achievement Coin = Achievement feature costume hats Town Point = in town AFK points Vote Point = voting points Discord Coin = useless for fun to keep discord up RMT Zeny vs Donation invest Legal Real Money Trade, I made it legal by public in my old server back in 2015 or 2016, I kinda forgot. But when I announced it, it was a shock in the whole Ragnarok private world. I still stick with it, and strongly believe that RMT always was going on in all servers, why not just make it legal? Here in Ragna0, I made so that you can ONLY trade ZENY Buy or Sell in our Discord #zenytrade channel. Not allowed to trade Account or Items, why? Because, I want to make Zeny most valuable currency in Ragna0. And it's much easier to understand / set price of zeny for everyone. Most of donation items will be tradable, so it's a good way for Donators to make zeny as well. For none donators, simply buy from Donators ingame. Strict server rules This time, I will not be like "Hades" and participate in debates. Our GM Team will be following strictly our server rules without arguments. Server rules also has new penalty which is ZENY/ITEM Penalty, were example if you break a rule, you can get your ZENY removed or ITEM removed instead of "ban" for 1 day. (I believe this hurts more, and it actually does, cause I have it in my other server.) GM team will be following reports on Player reports in forums, and in discord, we will moderate directly with Shadowbans if we find someone not following our Discord rules. Basically, now we will not be arguing what's right or wrong. If you enter Ragna0, become part of Ragna0 and follow Ragna0 server rules, we don't care what it is in your home land. In Sweden = no legal to drink beer in public, in China = Legal to drink beer in public (who is right? who is wrong?) Lai and GM Team The server will be run by me, well always was...but this time no disguise, so before you decide to settle down in Ragna0, the new one...please make sure you read everything BAD STUFF about me that you can find in RMS. (Mostly created by ppl that I banned in the past.) I think one of the first topic was made in 2009 or something, damn I missed that time. After you read it, then you can try the server, or maybe chat with me and see for yourself. Of course, those topics have nothing to do with Ragna0 what so ever, but still... All GM Team have very very limited GM commands, they can't view equips, can't make items, can't summon monsters, etc, because all GM Team members are Ragna0 fan/players once. All GM Team will play Ragna0, including myself, BUT i will not WoE or PvP etc, I will only play Ragna0 to stream and create content for advertise. So please, do not make rumors or speculations about GM Team, because they have NO power to change anything. Number 1 thing I learned hard way is 0 corrupt. Ex-donators of Aesir and Lif Get your Paypal email ready Wait for public opening, I will convert all your previous donation money into Cash Points in the new account. I will write a topic for it, when we go public. Final words. This will be a Beta, a wipe beta, meaning we will wipe everything before we Public opens. There are no special rewards for every r0nians who participate in Beta. Only thing is you will be able to give feedbacks and help the server to become better. Also learn more about everything, to not make mistakes when we public opens. If you need help, or want to contact me, I'm VERY VERY easy to reach....facebook or discord...simply just PM me. If someone talks shit about the server or me, just let me know ~ hahah ❤️ PS. Of course Ragna0 will not be suitable for all, that's not my goal either. For those who don't like the server, it's free world, there are soooo many servers out there. But please do not attack, make rumors, or accuse us, just because you don't like it, thanks ❤️ Much love, see you ingame.
  2. Good morning. Ragnarok Zero Adventurers, this is the Zero Team at RO1 Studio. In the second quarter of 2021, we will give you an overview of what will be updated for Ragnarok Zero. 1.Base level limit extension: Lv.130> Lv.150 We will deliver the news that the level limit has been extended after a long time. The limit that was previously Lv.130 has been expanded so that it can grow to Lv.150. 2. Reduction of experience required to achieve the base level: Lv.96 ~ Lv.130 So that you can quickly grow your character in time with the expansion of the level limit. A patch that reduces the experience required to level up the Base Lv. 96 ~ 130 section will be made. 3. Arunafelz's capital city, Rachel village area update A new area for Rachel Village will be added. With the addition of hunting grounds such as the [Rachel Ice Cave] and [Rachel Temple Sanctuary] dungeons, It will be designed to obtain higher experience or good equipment compared to the existing hunting grounds. Only adventurers with Lv.130 or higher can enter the dungeon. 4. Infinite space improvement The recently updated Infinite Space is mainly available to users who have reached the highest level. It was designed with high-difficulty content, but except for the boss card that can be obtained with a very low probability There was a suggestion from adventurers that the reward items were insufficient compared to other contents. Therefore, after reviewing the proposal, our Zero Team While improving the performance of reward items, we plan to supplement and modify some of the system. 5. Some job skill balance improvements A patch that increases the skill effect of some jobs will be made. In the Ragnarok Zero world, you can choose from many classes to play, It has been confirmed that the choice of adventurers is a popular job, and the weight is largely concentrated. When examining the cause of this, the skill effect of the unpopular job was significantly different from that of the popular job. Our Zero Team decided to proceed with a skill improvement patch to compensate for this. We will inform you of the job groups and skills that will be improved through a future update notice. 6. Original Episode 1 Part.1 Open Ragnarok Zero's first original story episode 1 Part.1 is open. After the update, when the character is created, it will start in the village of Payyon, and Keias from the original Ragnarok, It is scheduled to proceed in the form of a linked quest while meeting welcome faces like Iris. As the episode progresses, the next quest will tell you where to go through the navigation system. Weapons and armor items useful for hunting monsters, and high experience points can be received as rewards. Although the content of Part.1 is on the short side, new adventurers I think it will help you to adapt and grow quickly in the world of Ragnarok. Episode 1, consisting of three parts in total, will continue to visit adventurers through future updates. 7. Add SP confirmation information in the party window When playing a party, SP information will be displayed in the party window UI so that you can check the SP as well as the HP of the party members. <SP can be checked in the party window.> So far, we have provided information on the updates for the second quarter of 2021. The above contents are still under development and may change when updated. For more information, please refer to the announcement on the official website when updating later. Then we will see you through the next developer note. Thank you. Source: https://roz.gnjoy.com/news/devnote/View.asp?category=1&seq=2703&curpage=1
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