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  1. Lai

    Patch Notes 4.4.1

    ❤️❤️❤️ Hello, my name Lai, owner of Ragna0 and thank you very much! Very good update, very good server, muah! Hope you like and enjoy! ❤️❤️❤️ Infrastructure Upgraded many shop interfaces to enhanced style, we are if not one of the only P.servers with this. Jovovich Styling shop is back, now with three new hairstyles! Content Biolab many mobs in Floor 2 and Floor 3 drop rate of Warrior's Lockbox increased. This will encourage farmers to farm Warrior's Lockbox, due to the previous LHZdaily quest reward update. OG
  2. Royal Hunting Competition It's actually a fanboy club for the Royal family card collecting.... 2021.01.05 to 2021.02.08 Event Guide Speak to Royal Hunting Guide when you are level 50+ to enter. Competition Main Exam Being your exam by speaking to Commander Nadezda. Follow her instructions and complete the 3 stage exams. Royal family Cards Bring cards to the desired Royal family to receive a special card. Royal Hunting ground access You can access a special hunting ground with unique monster when you complete the e
  3. Hi. Will update this for the next update. I asked Hades he said he added this due to the monsters matk issue we had before sync. Since now the mobs are stronger, there are no need for custom stuff.
  4. Show me his gears, buffs, etc combined. Can't judge by that. maybe he has anti wind element gears or something.
  5. r0v3.exe is available on download page https://www.ragna0.com/pages/downloads/ Please download and re-install if you have this error: Client Update Today our client version is now updated to 2021 version. Few highlights of the new client: GIF Emblem 2 skill bars Map name display Mailbox 2 new button features. New drop pillar effects Custom Hom AI support You can now customize AI_Sakray folder: AzzyAI.exe
  6. Lai

    Ragna0 FB Event #1

    Help the server grow by inviting your friends or participating in this little FB sharing event. Share Link: https://www.facebook.com/limitrolai/posts/2478506442443006 Join Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/r0nian/ Ends 2021.01.30
  7. Lai

    Patch Notes 4.4.0

    Feature Skip Tutorial added. You can choose to skip tutorial and get instant 1st job chance + Level 10 and sent to Zero Academy directly without tutorial quests. Zero Group updates Updated all daily quests to give Zero Group Coins (check wiki for more details.) Added new items to coin shop Infinite Potion Box Infinite Magnifier Box Infinite Flywing Box Double Bell Box(30 Days) Added a Supply Manager NPC gives random consume items for coins.
  8. Yes she is supposed to hit that hard.
  9. Official Patch log for Ragna0 4.3.0 starts here ================================== Official Content: Ayothaya - Regional Map Dungeons, City, Regional Gears, and monsters are fully implemented. Official Zero Daily quests for this city. Leaf Cat pet related items added. Good for 80+ leveling. Wiki coming tomorrow. General: Item fixes/additions WoE Gear effects are unadjusted from the previous. Still on monitoring. Fixed First Aid kit. Fixed missin
  10. Hi. Several already PMed me about this. But it's nice you made report. This will be fixed for the 2nd job biolab mobs. The trans biolab mobs works as intended aegis matk/atk. I also went to biolab myself and without proper gears, Kathryinn in bio3 hit me 4-5k each hit of jupitel thunder. i died instant.
  11. After doing some tests, it seems that this could have been caused by Adrenaline Rush? Next update, it will be fixed. Adrenaline Rush, Twohand quicken, spear quicken etc. It was missing 5% around 2aspd bonus, matches your description. Also compared to kRO:zero with our tests.
  12. Right, it seems like this is in kRO: zero too. I don't have whitesmith, but i assume it's pretty much same. Will be fixed next update.
  13. Hi. Please read update logs. I applied fix to this like 15 minute ago.
  14. Lai

    Ragna0 rA Synced

    After Sync Fix Update Day 3 Economy balance Removed zelstar from mvp drop Low level champs drops Zelstar instead of "bag". Adjusted Mythril from mvp drop to be Mythril ore. Skill Fixes Fixed Meteor Assault with correct formula and cool down. Fixed Raid to have correct formula Fixed Bowling Bash hit counts for all targets. (I have been testing alot and i noticed that alot in Zero is not same as renewal or other RO, please if you wanna report, don't include other "website" like iRO etc source.)
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