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  1. Hi ~ Each BG gives you reward 😮 The daily is just a "tutorial quest" 🙂
  2. I'll review all and present a rebalance for November in progression.
  3. Changed Status to Resolved
  4. Hi there, thanks for the report. It will be fixed after next update~
  5. Lai

    Update Log 1.2

    Kafra Card added to Midgard Merchant.
  6. Lai

    Update Log 1.2

    Update Log 1.2 A list of updates and changes, nothing big, just some adjustments and bug fixes. Thank you for all the reports ❤️ Content Updates Effect Stone Unenchant Will now cost 1 Jelstar instead of 10. Zeny method is also safe like the jelstar method. Autumn Festival Event has ended. All related quest logs deleted. The event Costume Hat item bonus disabled. All event related items removed. Prontera has returned it's original look. Bug Fixes Fixed Destroyed Morocc monster race. Fixed a few items that should decrease SP usage, was increasing... Fixed Ancient Monk Knuckle equip level. Fixed some pet taming item trade restrictions. Fixes card bonus damage reaching the cap (rA Fix) Fixed a minor bug in one of Destroyed Morocc daily quests. Fixed Styling Store color not matching.
  7. Monetization Announcement Intro Feedback based on monitoring and speculations in regards for Ragna0's server health long term for vast majority. To Ragnarok gamers. All these following will take effect 1st November. If you buy something today, you are aware and agree of the coming changes on 1st November. No RMT Originally Ragna0 never had RMT in Aesir or Lif, added it at the very end of Lif, planned to introduce Zeny RMT in November, but.. After long debate and feedback, we decided NOT to allow RMT in any form in Ragna0. Doing it under table if getting caught will cause the seller/buyer penalty given. (See server rules.) Reasoning: We want to attract passionate Ragnarok Gamers, not too much of 24/7 Farmers. Season Pass S2 Revamping the reputation rewards for everyone. The Trophy however will be kept as Citizen Pass only reward. Need Base Level 110+ to submit to Town Manager. (prevent possible abuse). The idea is to let everyone be able to get some Jelstars and cash consumes. This makes Season Pass only cosmetics. Price will be same 30 USD. Previous Season Token will be sell able to NPC, as new Season will introduce a new Citizen Token S2. VIP Player Removing Autoloot related commands totally from the server. (gives more dynamic farming as a low rate server) Arealoot command will improve the rage from 2 cells to 3 cells. Reduces the cost of VIP by 50% (12 USD to 6 USD). We will compensate those who bought 3 months + VIPs by nullify and giving the unused CP back. If you bought 3 months = you get 2000 CP If you bought 6 months = you get 4600 CP If you bought 12 months = you get 9200 CP
  8. Insert Title Here Intro Stats Leveling Spots Related NPC Shops Early Game Equipment Mid Game Equipment End Game Equipment Tips: Use to insert item Link. Apple
  9. Hi ~ In Ragna0 we can do our own Progression rebalances. Example, how many items for a reward. Please leave feedbacks based on the effort = result mentality. Is this XXX item worth making for XXX effort? or needs rebalance? Let me know here.
  10. Lai

    Update Log 1.1

    Update Log 1.1 A list of updates and changes, nothing big, just some adjustments and bug fixes. Thank you for all the reports ❤️ Content Updates Rebalanced Localization map monster stats to match pre level 99. Helm [1] now drops by Valkyrie and Bloody Knight. Reduced War equipment enchanting fee. 100,000 zeny + 2x Guild Medal or 100,000 zeny + 5x Mythril Rebalanced Midgard Medal Merchant White Potion Box (20) cost from 50 to 10 medals. Insurance cost from 50 to 10 medals. Rebalanced Novice Vending Machine 15 Fly wings cost from 4 to 2 5 Butterfly wing cost from 4 to 2 Rebalanced Z Bell Removed the Cool down. Ticket Seller NPCs The NPC will now give daily free World Mobility Ticket for adventurers under level 100. Above level 100 will no longer receive freebie. Improved chance for regular monster to drop 2 optioned weapons. Bug Fixes Fixed minor bug in Achievement mob hunt wrong mob ID. Adjusted Orc's Memory mob spawn point. Fixed Costume Ticket Box giving wrong ticket number. Fixed minor bug in Union Daily quest. Fixed issue with Blacksmith/Alchemist weekly ranking send outs. Fixed a minor bug with Refine hammers. Fixed 2 Ayothaya daily quests giving too much EXP. Fixed Instance Deepsea not dropping Sapphire. Fixed Kingdom equipment enchant reset fee. Correct some Destroyed Morocc item requirement level/job. Fixed issue where players didn't get warped back to instance if DC inside it. Fixed minor bug in one Aldebaran daily quest and Yuno quest.
  11. Lai

    Roullete Gold Coin

    Changed Status to Closed
  12. Oh ? This is weird. I will take a look at this.
  13. Lai

    Forging Equipment

    Changed Status to Resolved
  14. Lai

    Forging Equipment

    Hi, thanks ~ You can start forging now.
  15. Changed Status to Resolved
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