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  1. MakeR

    Erro client

    Hi, Leonardo! The client game has been updated, i recomend u to delete everything u have about the game and download it again.
  2. Few days ago, Son Bambi (i think this is the name of the youtube channel) posted a video with all bio3 boss he killed and listed all drops, i know nothing of corean language but u can see every item that he has dropped till now by watching it. This is a key video to complement everything that has been discussed here. I would like to say sorry for thinking that Magic Nagan would be included in any of thoses bosses, it is not. In fact the boss that gives magic nagan (other than ogretooth) is BOSS Egnignem Cenia! Pagma has confirmed when i asked him in his video killing lord knight
  3. Today, a channel that i follow posted a video of his group killing Cecil MVP The item that she dropped at the and was Cursed Grimtooth Meanwhile here in Ragna0 she drops the normal Grimtooth
  4. By watching the video we can se that the Lord Knight Seyren MVP drop a few more things in kro0 than in here ragna0 and if we make a search in game @mi Lord Knight Seyren we can see that he does not have those itens at the end of the video, pagma shows each weapon dropped from him 1st - Magic Edge 2nd - Sealed Excalibur 3rd - Mysteltainn 4th - Magic Nagan P.S. in the video he didnt drop the Magic Nagan, cuz all weapons are not 100% chance of dropping, they have 25% chance drop. Lord knight seyren has a chance of dropping all 4
  5. MakeR

    Merchant Union

    Not only with Merchant Union, all other unions get this buggy if u leave ur current union and try to enter in the same or another union
  6. MakeR

    Merchant Union

    @Stroheim any news on this? my union buffs and coupons of reseting are ending T.T
  7. MakeR


    So te past few days my friends and I have been annoyed with a bug that we dont know how it happens exactly, anyways It has been happening while we do instances, happened in OGH instane a bunch of times and in Odin Instance, after we use consumable's buff and then we relog, our MAX WEIGHT goes to 0, and with that we can't attack nor do anything else. My friend said that once he used a healing potion, he didnt relog this time but still used a lot of consumables, and he got 0/0 weight
  8. Hi to all and everyone, the past few days me and Lunacy have been talking to some friends that are not only at the end game of ragna0 but also starting now and some that are in the middle term, and discussing on ragna0's server discord about what may and could be some good changes around 3 topics that I find to be major right now. MVP drops, bounty board and ogh instance. Hold your self for bad englando Suggestion to MVP BOSSES The way MVP drops and rewards are now, there are just no reason nor motivation to kill them. What mau improve? - Drop of Bag of Zelstar, if a champio
  9. Then how come in Pagma's video his paladin takes 527 for ea hit of jumpitel thunder
  10. The merchant Union does not give you the option to join the union, only to leave even if you are not in a union Also, the npc that gives the buff's is not working properly. When I talk to her, she says that I dont belong to the merchant union, even if I am in the union The NPC that gives the quests, does not verify if u are in the union, it gives you all quests just talking to him. I did not tried the other Unions, would be good to know if only happens to this one.
  11. Hey, Lai! Thanks. I imagine that there is a lot of stuff being reported in your DM's and sometimes it makes harder to keep track of things, anyway. Could u share more about what exactly is wrong? With the 2nd job biolab mobs About the trans biolab mobs, i didnt understand... is Kathryinn supposed to hit 4~5k each hit of jupitel? With my 130WS full geared she hitted me 10k each hit of heaven's drive lol
  12. So, I am watching videos that I can find details about kro0, and look for diferences or something like, so we can have improvements here in ragna0. Today I found this video, with the help of my friend Lunacy. And what is curious about this video right here at 3:10, is the damage of JT was not that high compared to the damage that we take here in ragna0, heaven's drive too. So I have seen a lot of discussion about the MATK being too high, right now with the rA sync, even after the ajustments made. The developers says that damage is now fixed and is right, but even so
  13. I cant trade it, store it, put in on cart nor can I put in Vending
  14. MakeR


    When u enter OGH instance there is no NPC to start the run
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