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  1. Hey guys, all dimensional armor from sarah's instance are giving 10x more DEF than it should Without armor: With armor: btw that goes for all the dimensional armors, not only this Time Dripped Mail one.
  2. Hey guys, today I bring u a report about Magic Nagan this baby right here. The problem i found out is that the Critical Damage that it is supposed to give (when +7 3% crit damage for each 10 STR base) is not working properly. Here are the evidences: When using Safety Saber with Paper Card, I was able to hit up to 24.3k: and when I am using Magic Nagan, also with paper card: I was able to hit almost the same amount of damage even tho I have 90 STR BASE, that would mean 27% increased critical damage more than using safety saber and still, my damage is lower? some thoughts?
  3. let ppl who already guessed try again :3
  4. Hi guys, i would like to remind about the bowlingbash skill from knight and it has passed some time since it was reported at the discord (I know reports are supposed to be made here in the forums, but everyone know that both works for this, we all want the game better) Anyways, here it goes: Everyone that tried bowling bash know that the knock-back distance is far more than 2 cells. pls fix source: https://roz.gnjoy.com/news/notice/View.asp?BBSMode=10001&seq=428&curpage=9
  5. Could be Re-Open? Restart?relaunch? final answer: i will go with reopen ign: MakeR
  6. It has been some time since i couldnt claim my rewards from Reaching Rank. I am Rank 12 and i still cant get the reward from 10, 11 and 12.
  7. @Minato pls dont forget this with the new update thank you
  8. I did not found a specified place for this type of report, so here it goes: In Sarah's Memory instance if you get disconnected you dont get back into the instance when you log in back, you appear in prontera. (illustrative pic to meet requirements of report)
  9. MakeR


    Another cool suggestion! The NPC of Ore Exchange, Flamering, where we transforme minerals into other minerals paying a tax Add an option of Get HD Bradium, and HD Carnium just like we have for HD ori and HD elu
  10. MakeR


    Hello everyone, it is me again, pain in the ass makeR with a cool suggestion!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would like to suggest the exchange of refining minerals SUCH AS: - 2 ENRICHED ORIDECON FOR 1 ENRICHED ELUNIUM + tax(something about 20k each exchange). AND VISE VERSA (2 enr. elu for 1 enr. ori) - 2 HD Oridecon for 1 HD Elunium + tax(something around 50k each exchange) Now that we have HD Bradium and HD Carnium, this implement would also be great to these new ones. - 2HD Bradium for 1 HD Carnium + tax(around 100k each exchange) and vise versa
  11. The Biolab Armor Refine Box Does not work on already refined armors or carded armors I click on make and the text goes grey and nothing happens pls fix
  12. The item Large Dimensional Floating Stone is not working on enchanted/carded dimensional armors When i use the large dimensional stone this window appears and when click on "make" the button goes grey and stays on this windows, nothing else happens. pls fix
  13. Hi everyone, i found out that the memory of lover's is missing some given stats https://roz.gnjoy.com/news/update/View.asp?BBSMode=10014&seq=36&curpage=3 it is missing, +20MATK when combined with vesper core 01, and maxsp should be 30 not 50 here in r0 it only gives healing power 10% also, vesper gear 02 is supposed to give HP recovery increases by 30% here in r0 it only gives 15%
  14. MakeR

    Erro client

    Hi, Leonardo! The client game has been updated, i recomend u to delete everything u have about the game and download it again.
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