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  1. In this picture, Faceworm Queen Leg's (L) doesn't show here even though i only used two cards.
  2. so, with this new update came three types of cards( Payon Soldier Card P, Payon Soldier Card M and Elder Irene Card), but only the payon card P and Elder irene is dropping from monster except Payon card M, as you can see in the picture below: And this doesn't drop from anything
  3. In the second screenshot, i used the malangdo stuff but no buff icon appeared.
  4. Hello, so i was navegating on the internet and found a video where a stalker was doing around 150k damage on Corruption Root with Raid. The video in question: Raid Damage: 146702 damage While my stalker in this server does around 55~65k with full consumables and buffs agaisnt him with pretty decent gears
  5. So, after rAsync some skills was modified and i think it was not intended and that was the case with Cold Bolt and Back Stab skill. As we can see in the wiki https://www.ragna0.com/wiki/High_Wizard, it shows there is a fixed cast time for Cold Bolt But in game with 100% variable cast time reduction, i'm insta casting the skill:
  6. You forgot to post the video Nevermind
  7. So, after the rAsync update the mvp are doing more damage than intended, i received 20k damage from Storm Knight using Storm Gust skill, as show in the screenshot While in Kro:Z, Storm gust does 200~800 damage as show in this video at minute 1:00, which was the same damage i received before the rAsync.
  8. And it's the same with sparkling opal
  9. So, i was seeing some videos of ragnarok zero in the internet and i found a video where the owner sell his jello fragment box for 18,600 zeny in the npc, but in ragna0 the jello fragment box have a price of only 10z Minute 5:19
  10. Hello, with the coming of lighthalzen patch, are you guys going to implement those daily hunting quests from the eden board in a later date?
  11. IGN: Keyes Discord: LeoHayasaka#3105 Timezone: Brasilia (GMT -3) Position applying for: Tester Language spoken: Portuguese, English Preferable time for a chat with me (in ET please): 15:00 to 01:00 (server time) YES - I AGREE WITH ALL TERMS Played Game Time:
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