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    i was testing the merchant set card (myst case, raggler, baby leopard, zipper bear, hylozoist) and everything was fine (+10 luk was observable in my stat window). 5 min after, suddenly the set got desactivate... nor the +10 luk or the 2SP/hit are ON. I didnt change anything, and i dont think using consumable affect that, so... if a dev get it off just while and because i was testing, it's really not nice AT ALL !
  2. Hi, just wanted to point out that the dark/black text on dark green/blue make it invisible, you can't even read where the "sign in" is, or even you own name. It might be my own navigator option, but if it's not, please change the colour of the text or give it a 3D effect with shadows or a white border. Thx for your attention, Hydra
  3. IGN: Hydraspic Discord: Hydra#8049 Timezone: Paris Time (CET = UTC+1 / CEST = UTC +2) Position applying for: Tester Language spoken: English / Spanish / French Preferable time for a chat with me (in ET please): (time server) 16h-22h
  4. Just making official the error we talked about the next day in discord, about +9 exp iii Al2 lv1 being 20% instead of 100%
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