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    i was testing the merchant set card (myst case, raggler, baby leopard, zipper bear, hylozoist) and everything was fine (+10 luk was observable in my stat window). 5 min after, suddenly the set got desactivate... nor the +10 luk or the 2SP/hit are ON. I didnt change anything, and i dont think using consumable affect that, so... if a dev get it off just while and because i was testing, it's really not nice AT ALL !
  2. IGN: Hydraspic Discord: Hydra#8049 Timezone: Paris Time (CET = UTC+1 / CEST = UTC +2) Position applying for: Tester Language spoken: English / Spanish / French Preferable time for a chat with me (in ET please): (time server) 16h-22h
  3. Just making official the error we talked about the next day in discord, about +9 exp iii Al2 lv1 being 20% instead of 100%
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