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  1. Just read for yourself. They claim to have been talking to themselves on the global chat. but yeah...
  2. Idea description: A room where you can visit, that has a test dummy and a stat reset npc, to test your stats or different builds. In this room you can test out different builds but when you leave the stats revert back to what you had prior to going in. (dont know if this is possible but its a suggestion) Why is it good? This is good because once you max out, you will want to change your build. The only problem is that resetting costs an arm and a leg and some change! This could also help people test different builds without spending so much! How urgent is t
  3. Idea description: My suggestion is to make it much more easier for Homunculus to level up. Maybe by allowing it to receive PARTY EXP or just plainly giving it more experience that the current exp. Why is it good? It makes playing a Biochemist less stressful, more enjoyable. Biochemists struggle in leveling with a Homunculus and even leveling up the Homunculus. There is no simple or viable way to level up the Homunculus in this server. It cant even evolve YET and to be honest, has no chance against mobs and even players... How urgent is this rate 1-10:
  4. Idea description: The auto feed function in this server is very beautiful! The only issue is that for Homunculus, it auto feeds at 30 Hunger. My Suggestion to the server is that it auto feeds at 11 Hunger. Please take a look at the following chart: Hunger Intimacy Starving at 1% ~ 10% -1 1% ~ 10% 0.5 11% ~ 25% 1 26% ~ 75% 0.75 76% ~ 90%
  5. Hello, I am fairly new to this server, well im about 2 weeks ish, and so far ive been enjoying this server, the GMs are very nice and they reply very quickly! The only thing that I am not enjoying is the fact that this server has so many BR players and majority of the people who interact with me, whether it be for Party, if a party is about to end or whatever, or to buy/sell something, im always getting messages I DONT UNDERSTAND!!! It is honestly a bit frustrating and annoying that i always have to say "Sorry i dont understand you", "English please", or "What does he/she mean?". I DO NOT
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