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  1. Content Idea description: Remove the drop of Agit Coins of GLD's. Make it exclusive to obtain PvP equipment from Grinding BG's, (removing dual account prizes) Why is it good? The current PvP scenario of the server is basically non-existent, and GLD PvP is a joke, to be sincere. Rathar than force PvP players to do PvE content, make then do the PvP instead. This would heat up the server PvP, and make it more fun for PvP players. How urgent is this rate 1-10: 10 Will it affect our economy? Yes, will probaly increase the price of
  2. Content Idea description: A store where you obtain points from killing MvP's. in which you can buy several itens, such as cash foods and maybe refining minerals, and exclusive costumes(changed in a monthly basis)(making then tradable is better too.) Why is it good? Would make the MvP hunting more interesting rather than the current ranking system(which it's not bad at all, but need better prizes in my humble opnion.) How urgent is this rate 1-10: 7 Will it affect our economy? Yes, positively if the itens can be sold. Not at al
  3. I hardly think that would actually make WoE more attractive, rather than that, it would be the guilds splitting up and making alliances on top of that. Unfortunately PvP in this server is uninteresting due to several issues, but regardless, this would be a good experiment.
  4. IGN: TTV PerseveR Discord: PerseveR - Y.Y.#4945 Timezone: -4 EST Position applying for: Helper Language spoken: Portuguese, English Preferable time for a chat with me (in ET please): 17:00
  5. Content Idea description: Refining in Ragnarok is without any doubt, the more frustrating system that the game has, due to the age of the game, tha's understandable; but we're in 2020, it's time to make this system more affordable and fun for everyone; How? well, the game has already the tools for it, in Blacksmith Blessings; Making it a drop in Odin Temple would be excellent; taking away the HD's and making those go to the Hard level instances, would give lower geared players a sense of progression(rather than hours of farming in mag02), and make end game geared players a more
  6. Great. Make it better for us brazilians to help the server :}
  7. Topic Name Make Dead Branch Room Alive again Tags Dead Branch, Group Content Content Idea description: Change the format of dead branch to a wide arena(not PvP), Not instanced, to make it more acessible(no sense to pay up to use a standard game item), and more fun(more people in, more fun) Why is it good? Because it will allow guild, stream and player events utilizing dead branches. How urgent is this rate 1-10: 5 Will it affect our economy? Nope W
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