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    Card Recycling

    Idea description: Useless cards/Trash cards may take up storage / inventory space. Having an npc that would trade cards for 1-3 zelstar bag/s would atleast make the dismal drop chance worth atleast something. Another idea would be trading 10-15 cards for a new random card. Of course MVP/Miniboss cards would not be included in this. Why is it good? Iz good because even poporing cards can be worth atleast a bag of zelstar rather than rotting away in storage for eternity. How urgent is this rate 1-10: 5 Will it affect our economy? For
  2. I think giving mobility tickets and convex mirrors to the top mvpers would actually hurt those who are trying get to the top too. Allowing them to get an advantage for the next reset by giving them mobility and mirrors seem kind of unfair. Basically, you'll see their names consistenly leading the board if this happens, giving little chance to those who want to compete too. The reset idea is good tho, but not the extra rewards. Sorry for bad english ✌️
  3. Idea description: Hi, everyone! Okay, so currently, the 'strongest' staff in game is Staff of Blue Flame. It costs 5 mythrils, an Ice wand, a flame wand and 5 essences of blue flame. With the amount of time, zeny and effort required to create one, it feels a little lack luster compared to Blue Crystal Rod. You'd need to kill 5 mini mvps (to summon one, you'd need to kill 500 of the lesser mob to summon one) or a small chance to drop the essence drop from mob. The difference with the SoBF and Blue Crystal Rod is that you can enchant SoBF eith essences, at the cost of a mythril per ench
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