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  1. I feel there's many problems with endgame right now and the recent GD change is just one of them. ~Leveling~ I 100% understand why the change was made on the GD and support the change, but it is a bandage to stop the bleeding. Many players enjoy PvP and the current PvP landscape other than WoE is GD. So telling players they can't PvP two days a week because new players want to level is not something those endgame players want to hear. The core issue needs to be fixed which is the leveling experience on Ragna0 so that the Guild Dungeon can be restored to what it was meant for whi
  2. Agreed here obviously since all i do is mvp. Compared to the other end game rewards/interest mvp seems kind of dull. WoE twice a week, with WoE rewards, PvP rankings with rewards, guild logo shown off in pront for the winners, streamed live etc. Instance rewards now being given once a week with better rewards and better costumes like effects as rare drops. Theres 7 instances with 3 difficulties so unless im wrong thats 21 boxes given to 12 people each week for what 252 eggs on the server each week? With players being able to earn multiple each week if they can hold multiple records.
  3. I thought I would give my opinion on this as someone who spends most of their time playing MVPing. First off let me just say I completely agree with Raizo that it should be removed and I'll state my reasons why. There's no counter play to this strategy. It's not competitive at all even if some people will try to convince you that it is. This isn't PvP I can't just turn around and kill the Priest spamming SafetyWall/Pneuma on my MvP, so why are they allowed to interact with me when I cannot interact with them? I play SinX so I actually have the tools to fight this since
  4. If elmmO hasn't done anything wrong then the milk guild doesn't need to worry, so you all dont have to come into the forums calling other people sad pathetic, shit gear etc just because someone is calling out someome for what could be a legit reason. Let Hades deal with it. Yano, you act like all of the hate towards the milk guild is unwarranted, and sure some of it is. But you guys brought this upon yourselves. I see you guys constantly killing low level parties in guils dungeon for no reason, spamming safety wall/pneuma on every mvp/mini boss with multiple priests, flaming people
  5. Please fix this Hades. I just lost multiple MVP drops due to having 100/100 this is getting stupid. I'm at 66/100 now with a clean inventory.
  6. Can we get a QoL fix for inventory management? We can only carry 100 total items, that includes our gear and costumes so now were only able to carry like 85-88 items. Then theres the stuff we cant drop or even deposit like status tickets and eden badge etc etc etc. Im down to like 60-70 slots just from gear and stuff i cant deposit Then i mvp alot so i have to carry mutiple gear sets, potions, consumables Im down to like 40 items i can pick up and thats when i have a clean inventory I spend half my time playing inventory manager instead of ragnarok. This is a pic
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