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  1. I agree with this suggestion. I know we didn't talk but yes, he has my same thoughts. Esp #6. Its fine to pay 100k for a non-PK GD as long as the mobs are the same.
  2. Guild Type: Casual - PvM - Instances Main Language: English Save Point: Payon Guild Leader: Sacrament Guild Moderators: BerserkerRogue* Kashoggy* Nekoruchii (me) Hydra Reave Solstice* *- means inactive due to irl commitment and should be back soon! Adventure Time started way back August 2020 when our previous guild became inactive and we wanted to continue to play together as a guild. We are one of the server's active international guilds out there. We have most of our members come from SEA, EU and US, whatever your game goals are, you're
  3. IGN: Celeenee (and so many more to be disclosed...) Discord: Nekoruchii#8476 Timezone: GMT+8 Position applying for: Helper Language spoken: English, Filipino Preferable time for a chat with me (in ET please): Almost anytime. Preferrably 09:00 onwards.
  4. Program Files x86, ran as administrator, settings say 1280 x but upon opening the patcher, it gives me 800 x 600 setting. It all happened when I had a windows update that was just recently applied before the post was made.
  5. Hi, I had to update my laptop with the recent windows update and now its not letting me play the resolution that I want. I always had set up mine around 1024x or 1280x and now despite of the settings, the game itself is running at 800 x 600. Wondering if there's any help to this, at least? I'm having a hard time playing with the screen size regardless of whatever ways I tried to change the resolution.
  6. Celeenee

    Card Recycling

    +1 to this. Maybe we can have something else to convert it differently instead of Zelstars would be much better, otherwise, its gonna saturate the market way too much.
  7. Both is actually okay. The only disadvantage of GD is the PK part (I understand why its a PK map to begin with). If you're lucky to level there for hours esp in Aldebaran, then consider yourself as lucky. Einbech's advantage is the amount of potential zeny items that you can get compared to GD since your advantage there would the WoE potions plus the agit coins (which you can use or vend it to players). Both gives good EXP. Drop wise, would go for Einbech. Or the old school Amatsu just incase.
  8. If you are partying with someone that relies on LUK and needs help with brewing, then yes. I personally don't prefer Gloria, I would rather put it on Safety Wall or Sanctuary.
  9. Celeenee

    Voting Rewards

    Topic Name Voting Rewards Tags voting rewards, vote for points Content Idea description: Better rewards for people who are voting for the server on a daily basis. Why is it good? It will encourage players to vote if there are more/better rewards from the vote shop. How urgent is this rate 1-10: 9 Will it affect our economy? Nope Will it affect any of our core systems? Nope You promise that this idea is for the better of the ser
  10. Character Name: Celeenee Main Job: Hunter AFK Town: Comodo, Lutie Guild: Candy Knights Year Born: 1995 Gender: Female Personalities: 75% Introvert, 25% Extrovert. Fruit that you Hate: None Animal that you Love: Cats Goal in Ragna0: Just to enjoy the game What were you doing 1 hour ago: Eating stuff from Burger King
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