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  1. IGN: Celeenee (and so many more to be disclosed...) Discord: Nekoruchii#8476 Timezone: GMT+8 Position applying for: Helper Language spoken: English, Filipino Preferable time for a chat with me (in ET please): Almost anytime. Preferrably 09:00 onwards.
  2. Program Files x86, ran as administrator, settings say 1280 x but upon opening the patcher, it gives me 800 x 600 setting. It all happened when I had a windows update that was just recently applied before the post was made.
  3. Hi, I had to update my laptop with the recent windows update and now its not letting me play the resolution that I want. I always had set up mine around 1024x or 1280x and now despite of the settings, the game itself is running at 800 x 600. Wondering if there's any help to this, at least? I'm having a hard time playing with the screen size regardless of whatever ways I tried to change the resolution.
  4. If you are partying with someone that relies on LUK and needs help with brewing, then yes. I personally don't prefer Gloria, I would rather put it on Safety Wall or Sanctuary.
  5. Character Name: Celeenee Main Job: Hunter AFK Town: Comodo, Lutie Guild: Candy Knights Year Born: 1995 Gender: Female Personalities: 75% Introvert, 25% Extrovert. Fruit that you Hate: None Animal that you Love: Cats Goal in Ragna0: Just to enjoy the game What were you doing 1 hour ago: Eating stuff from Burger King
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