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  1. So I've insisted for a while now that this is a bug and some people said it isn't and that it is actually a skill to counter paladins, well it is not and here's the proof. There was a bug in kRO where Cart Termination wasn't being affected by paladin's Shield Reflection as it was supposed to since it is a melee physical damage ability and I found it on patch notes that it was corrected. You can find videos on youtube of Ragnarok pvp where the skill is actually reflected. Link to the source kRO patch notes https://ro.gnjoy.com/news/notice/View.asp?BBSMode=10001&seq=7117&c
  2. Not only this is a bug, but also I have lost the actual item required to become sage and now am stuck in the quest. The sage quest item should be undroppable so this doesn't happen. I started this quest in a day and had to leave, a couple days later when I went to continue it, I just wanted to clear my inventory of the bunch of equipments that were there and ended up dropping a Book [3] which was my "thesis" for the Sage job change quest. I'd like to request that items like these function as they are supposed to in their descriptions... I know that the one showed in the video is not the o
  3. Idea description: Increase limits for the options in boss weapons. To be very honest, boss weapons aren't really worth compared to the custom r0 ones and people just throw them away because even if they get a perfect roll (with current limitations) they still wouldn't be good. They would be at least somewhat useful/comparable if they could have increased stats. I think it's perfectly fine to make their limitations the same as fever weapons. Take attack for instance, which according to the wiki only goes up to 15, and make it 30 like a fever weapon. It only makes sense! Specially because
  4. pessoal falando o que não viu... isso não foi um simples KS, foi perseguição (harassment)
  5. small change that'll help players set up their own events and have fun. I like it
  6. I cropped the parts that my friends was telling us why he was bringing the mobs, cuz that's all that matters. The PMs received in game were not for me, not my live stream, and so again so what we were laughing at them? Should I stop bringing mobs to my party anywhere else just because someone told me to? No way, either they move or they die, I wasn't trying to kill them, but they were standing in the way. What can I do? Ask them to move, which I did if you really saw everything. LP also removes safety walls from the other mobs that cast on themselves making it easier for me, an assassin,
  7. I'm writing this appeal in the name of a friend and guildmate that was in party led by me, therefore I also feel responsible for his actions since we were working as a group. Didnt see anywhere specifying that this section is exclusive to the player that got banned so here I am. First of all, just by looking at the screenshots you can NOT tell he was the one that was actually casting Land Protector on the ground. So when the ban was decided you couldn't tell for sure and was just assuming, and by that I can already tell that it was unjustified. Later I provided videoproof that it was in f
  8. Really sorry you can't understand that LP in that case would be to protect everyone in it from grandcross skill used by Skogul, which was the reason everyone was dying. Maybe you'll get more experience in the game and understand the strategy behind it, Lilica 😉 Maybe these clips can clear your doubts as for the reasons our party was doing that: https://www.twitch.tv/lpersever/clip/TacitMotionlessSandstormUnSane https://www.twitch.tv/lpersever/clip/SwissInquisitiveMoonDAESuppy https://www.twitch.tv/lpersever/clip/HorribleDeadCoffeePraiseIt Kincaid LET US KNOW he
  9. IGN: Silverhart Discord: Silver#8921 Timezone: GMT -3 Position applying for: Sub-Community Manager Language spoken: English and Portuguese Preferable time for a chat: 1pm to 7pm EDT
  10. Video footage that displays player elmmmO luring away to KS miniboss in odin temple, can only clip for a limited time, but you can always watch VOD at 35min for more info. Hopefully he'll receive punishment accordingly. Thanks. AT-cm_800161440.mp4
  11. Sensei's words are my own! There's currently 2 types of event coins, the ones you get from the lottery can not actually be used to purchase items from Jeremy Beauty Shop (outrageous!), only the ones from actual events can be used there, which would be fine IF said in the description (or even just having a different name/sprite for that type of currency maybe?) So the suggestion would be either to make all event coins usable in all manners and all npcs or telling us how to differentiate them, making them separate currencies with different names or images perhaps. Th
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