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  1. Changed Status to Resolved
  2. Changed Status to Resolved
  3. Fixed, the changes will be applied on the next update, and you'll get all the missing rank achievements on login 👍
  4. Changed Status to Resolved
  5. We decided to change it according to the description. It will be implemented with the next update.
  6. Changed Status to Lack of Evidence
  7. I've checked the code from before the sync, and it's the same we have now, only increases the damage for Cross Slash. However, the skill description seems to indicate you might be right... We will need to check this in kRO zero.
  8. Maximize Power only maxes the base weapon damage, not the additional damage from weapon refinement, so it would be normal having some variance with a refined weapon. Anyways, if you have any proof from kRO Zero that says otherwise, feel free to tell us, and we'll fix it.
  9. This has been fixed and will be applied in the next update.
  10. I already fixed those, will be applied in the next patch
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