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  1. Sorry to keep bugging you about this, but the kro description itself is wrong. It’s based on the pre-renewal formula and was likely just never updated, in the renewal formula this reduction was removed. I know this is zero but every other formula has been consistent with their renewal counterpart so this change doesn’t really make sense. Would it be possible to ask the guy if he has actually tested this or if he just read the description as well? Its an easy assumption to make as long as you trust the description, but it is already proven to be wrong. Edit: Nevermind,
  2. Hi, The 50% damage reduction is not a part of the renewal damage formula that this server uses (which is why it’s not in by default), it was only a part of the trans formula. There’s also no info about a 50% damage reduction in any of the korean posts discussing the zero ad formula. I think you are off here basing your report on a skill description that’s already proven to be wrong.
  3. Asura cooldown not displaying properly after snaps have been the case forever, they are always comboing on every single target which doesn’t make sense either unless the cast speed potion is different / way more difficult to get. Unless their asura damage is very different they do not need the extra damage to kill 90% of those targets. I believe that change would ultimately lead to a very unfun woe meta which is why I keep asking for videos.
  4. At what time? All the asuras I see in that video are comboed into, it’s just faster than the monk video.
  5. Asura not showing the cooldown correctly with multiple snaps has always been the case. None of these videos show it being casted right after snap, that is only speculation here in the forum.
  6. Hi, there is no actual proof in any of these videos that asura can be hardcast right after snap and that would be quite the controversial change. Especially with how easily attainable the cast speed potions are here. Could we maybe have video proof of hard cast asura being possible after snap before we implement it?
  7. With this suggestion you are asking us to kick half our guild in order to play in a glorified pvp room. I can see going down to 24 in order to make WoE approachable to new guilds but I would not want to play with caps below that. I agree about the multiple woe burnout, but we only attend Sunday anyway.
  8. The only problem this server has is trying to cater to every idiot with a voice in their discord general chat.. You can never make Ragnarok PvE challenging, it's impossible by design of the game. Any content can be trivialized by bringing the right classes and spamming one skill over and over again, this has been true for 20 years and it will never change. The only PvE "Endgame" is the item grind to make your character stronger which can be argued is a bit too quick here for a low rate server. - I believe your mistake with Odin was simply the original nerf in numbers, it f
  9. Frunckie

    AD Formula

    I believe what you have is the default rathena ad formula for renewal? Might want to compare it with this, the official renewal formula also isn’t known but I suppose it might be close to what’s posted there
  10. In this topic you state we are using the pre-renewal AD formula (only scales with your int / target vit). According to research by a kro zero player this is nowhere close to the actual formula: http://www.inven.co.kr/board/ro/5165/87869 In english: https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.inven.co.kr%2Fboard%2Fro%2F5165%2F87869
  11. Frunckie

    Acid Bomb

    @Hades https://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&nv=1&pto=aue&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=auto&sp=nmt4&tl=en&u=http://m.inven.co.kr/board/ro/5165/87869&usg=ALkJrhi4i7xD9Cy1eZc_5G-6DAYOpYcbAQ This is from kro zero players so our formula is 100% wrong based on this. Technically int does still add damage with matk, or maybe they just didn't fix the skill description ? At least on kro renewal they are notorious for this. Edit: Sorry I linked the translated phone page and fran linked the base page above, we were talking about it in d
  12. I think you guys are really overestimating how strong matk% is
  13. Frunckie

    Acid Bomb

    Isn't the reworked ad formula supposed to take both atk & matk? Does it scale from atk in zero?
  14. We would also really prefer WoE2 if you are open to customizing this, I think it’s much more interesting and makes for actual GvG.
  15. Idea description: Add happy hours every 4 or 6 hours where battlegrounds give increased rewards (something like 50% more). Also ingame announcements for this. Why is it good? BGs currently happen very rarely and sporadically, if you add something like this you can congregate the player base around set times leading to much more active battlegrounds. Besides WoE this is the only real outlet for people who want to PvP. How urgent is this rate 1-10: 6-7? Will it affect our economy? No Will it affect any of our core systems?
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