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  1. Idea description: The idea is to have better spots to level not only in party but also become viable soloing. Today I noticed that we are losing some several players and I some of them personally came to our friends telling that they are quitting just because there's no way to level up a char in this method as is right now. Today we MANDATORY need to have 2 wizzards, 2 priests, 1 devo, 1 dancer and 1 bard. Some parties, (mostly after 105+) take more than 30 minutes TO FIND and most of the time ppl just give up because don't want to wait for a spot. You know when
  2. Hello Guys, I noticed that the skill remove sp (Half of the SP, have 1k, will drain 500) from the target instead of changing it.
  3. Hello I did the quest to Create Elemental Converter when Sage and after the rebirth I just lose it. Is this supposed to happen or is a bug?
  4. Hello Everyone, I'm trying to access the Odim Temple but the excavation sign just says that I'm not ready. I'm following all the requirements to access if I'm not mistaken, can someone confirm it?
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