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  1. Hi, we left this as it is, as it will be part of our Zeny adjustment program in the near future to allow some equipment with very low rate (no random options), to be sold for more zeny. Such as Biretta has a drop rate of 0.3% and sold for 6k zeny is not a problem, but thank you for letting us know.
  2. English translation Hello. This is Gravity Ragnarok Zero Operation Team. This is a guide to the maintenance time and update on September 23 (Wed). Maintenance Time (Korean time) All servers: 10:00 ~ 19:00 During the maintenance time (10:00 ~ 12:00) GNJOY system maintenance is in progress. Some services (login, web mall, cache charging) are suspended. Maintenance details Localizing Ayotaya is updated. In case of 80 Lv or higher, after completing the quest "Get a sponsor" You can travel by paying Alberta's navigator Antonio (alberta
  3. AD Temporary fix version 2 will take effect next patch. Same stats result Result without fix: Result with fix:
  4. Hi. Thanks for the report. This fix has been applied.
  5. Hi, thanks for the report. This will be fixed after next patch.
  6. Hi. Thanks for reporting. The skill will be fixed after next upcoming patch.
  7. Oh, you meant that when there are no 4 hits for 2 to 3 mobs? I see what you meant now, will test it. 1 mob = 3 hits (works) 2-3 mobs = 4 hits (not working) 4+ mobs = 5 hits (works)
  8. Hey, this will be fixed next patch. There was a tiny typo in the combo script. Thanks for the report.
  9. Hi. Not sure how you made the test. But, for me it works.
  10. Hi, thank you for the report. This will be fixed next patch.
  11. Hey. When ever you can, DM me on discord and I will help you out.
  12. Hades

    Save the World

    Save the World Our world is in danger. The horrendous monsters are sneaking in from other dimension into our world. Thanks to hero Bermund, who used his power to create a fictional dimension with Crystals to prevent the monsters to invade our cities. Help Bermund, protect the crystals! If the crystals breaks, it's all over for us. Speak to Bahamut in Prontera and join the rescue recruit. Take the daily event mission Hunt required amount of monsters in the other dimension. Obtain 10 Cute Pet Coin as reward. You can reset
  13. Hi, from my part, I will disable DB inside guild dungeons.
  14. Hades

    Validation Email

    Hi. Did you verify it? What's your email that you used?
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