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Technical related Questions and Answers.

My screen is all black, I can only see the Basic Info and menu, what to do?

  1. Check which graphic card you are using, ex. Geforce xxx.
  2. Then install that Graphic Card device drivers to your PC.
    • (Google can help how to install)
  3. Reboot PC and open /Ragna0/setup.exe
    • image.png
  4. Check the list and see if it's installed, then you can choose Direct3D or others and see how smooth the game will be.
    • image.png

Game crashes randomly and quite frequent while playing, what to do?

Hi when the grame randomly crashes without any "missing file" or other error prompts, try this method.

  • Open your settings for r0.exe
    • image.png
  • Change Compability Mode to Windows XP Service Pack 2.
    • image.png

PS. You can also try others, it depends on the Computer. But for most people, Windows XP Service Pack 2 helps.

Why do I get missing "sprite errors"? 

You need to patch the game, run Ragna0.exe. 

If you can't patch properly, perhaps downloading our latest available installer and reinstall the game.

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