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Ragna0 General

A bunch of FAQs about Ragna0 in general.

How many servers does Ragna0 have?

We have 2 servers

  • Lif with max level 120/70 Transcendent Jobs.
    • Continually content updates following kRO:Zero
  • Aesir with max level 99/50 2nd Jobs.
    • No more content progress with latest content Malangdo Island.

What exactly is Zero mechanism?

Here is a summery made by one of our players: 




After all, why Zero in the server name? What does that mean? What is different about this server? This is a guide for you who want to learn more about the mechanics of Zero and everything the server has to offer.

"Ragna0 is a free Ragnarok Online MMORPG server. It distinguishes itself by being a based server on kRO:Zero. Not Renewal, Not Classic, Not Revo-Classic but simply, Zero. Ragnarok Zero is a new version of the game officially revamped in 2018 on kRO. It introduces skill rebalances, using renewal game mechanics and monster spawns. Having implemented Zero-exclusive features such as Fever Field & Optioned Equipment, Ragna0 aims to catch up to the current official kRO:Zero in terms of features & content. In addition, Ragna0 also adopts customized features to improve the player's quality of life and adds to the enjoyment, such as events." Source: Server Information


1. Rebalance Skills

2. Random Options

3. News Equipments

4. Expedition Gear

5. Blessed Blacksmith Forging

6. Fever Fields

7. Instances

8. Union System (Ragna0 Custom Feature)



The classes had a major update on their skills. Making classes more competitive with each other, increasing the viability of builds. There is a greater synergy of skills with equipment, making the game more progressive. There were a lot of changes, and in order not to make the topic prolonged I will not put it here, but you can check the changes in these links:

Ragnarok Zero Skill Balance

Mass Balance





"A random option is an extra effect bonus or stat bonus, which makes the weapon unique. There are many many different Random Options you can obtain. Many of the monsters in the wilderness holds precious weapons and equipment which they drops upon defeat. The weapons or equipment may or may not come with a Random Options. Some has more than 1 random option. You can also obtain Random option from other catalysts, such as Magic Bead sold by NPC in town." Source: Random Options

You can check the equipment, the monsters that drop, and the level of the options on our wiki: Ragna0 Wiki






Zero brought a lot of new equipment, which, as I said, has synergies with the most diverse classes and builds. There are many new equipment, check out our page on the Wiki.

Zero Exclusive Gear





Expedition Gear are the ultimate equipment on the Ragna0. Ragna0 exclusive equipment set of Expedition, comes with 4 classes and special accessories. The Expedition set is devided in 4 classes, Class I is the best, then comes Class II, Class III and Class IV. You can obtain Class IV Expedition gear from instance treasures. Each set provides a specific bonus that will be better for certain class types. In addition, from set III, it is possible to put enchantments on your equipment. If your Body Armor is +9, you can enchant with an essence of class! Class essences have magnificent bonuses for each class. To make Expedition equipment you need to get items that only drop in the instances.

Check more about the subject on the Wiki: Expedition Gear





Forging gained new meaning in Zero mechanics. Before, the only reason to forge a weapon was to get an elemental weapon. In Ragna0, each successful forged weapon comes with extra Random Options. An unranked Blacksmith can obtain 3 random Options to it's crafted weapons. Rank 6 to 10 Blacksmith can obtain 4 random Options to it's crafted weapons. Rank 1 to 5 Blacksmith can obtain 5 random Options to it's crafted weapons. More than that, there are weapons that can only be obtained through the forge, which guarantee damage bonuses for certain skills.

You can check everything about this mechanic on our Wiki page: Blessed Blacksmith Forging




Fever Fields are maps where traditional monsters are modified, are stronger, give more experience, and drop unique equipment! When you kill a certain number of enemies, a unique MvP is summoned.

Check out more about it on our Wiki: Fever Fields





The instances are kind of like a MMORPG dungeon. Each with a mechanic, join other players to face your challenges. With drops it is possible to make Expedition Gears, considered one of the best equipment in the game. Do not try to do it yourself or you will regret it. Instances can only be made once a day.

Poring Village ; Orcs Memory ; Prontera Culvert ; Memorial Society Instances





Is it starting now and is without Guild? Join a Union! Each Union has a different buff, complete your union's missions and earn Tokens to use in the Union Store. Each Union has a store with unique items. This feature is unique on Ragna0! Check more about the subject on our Wiki: Union System




If you have any questions, first check out our Wiki, there is a lot of information there!


If you still can't find what you're looking for, join Discord, there's a channel just for questions!


OBS: These are just some of the features that the server has! There are also daily quests, daily, weekly and monthly quests, among so many other things!

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