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  2. @Minato!!! I'm on ragna0 with 8 other friends, under the IGN Genocide Pink (gypsy) and Vanilla Salt (creator - currently unactive until we start doing more end game stuff such as LHZ or Faceworm instances). The server me and my friends play in is a pre-renewal, no transcendence classes server - "old times" - it's stuck in 2006/2007 (right after the kunlun patch if I'm not mistaken). It has a few scattered maps edited in (arugel, abbey, lhz/bio-lab) meant as end game content for groups, on top of the old mvp spawns. Rates are 30xbase /20xjob/15xdrops /1x mvp cards My gear is: Maj
  3. Oh, I thought I could be considered as zero server, is the problem the illusion nine tail? if it is, i would be ok with having everything else except it. Does the high tier includes the majestic helm?
  4. Hello @Gorwin, there are no 'server migration' tiers that is available for you at the moment, and can only give you the high tier at most. 😐
  5. Last week
  6. Hi there. Is this april fools joke?
  7. IGN to be used in our server: Olesya (already playing with this name) What server type: Private Zero What rate: 5x/5x/5x item list:
  8. Hi there, saw the migration post recently and got to play :) I would like to migrate IGN to be used in our server: Gorwin (already playing with this name) What server type: Official Zero (kRO Zero) What rate: 1x? PS: You may find weird that the options are in english... I patched my game to show english names otherwise I wouldn't know what were my options lol To make it easier for you, here is the item list as text: +9 Majestic Helm [Archangeling Card] Tengu Mask Giant Snake Breath +9 Bolt Shooter [The Paper Card] (ATK+18, increases critical
  9. hi there! i just played ragna0 and heard that i can do some equipment migration? it is not much but i think it would help me a bit with starting out ^^ IGN to be used : Jind29 server type: Zero Rate: 5x/5x/5x
  10. Before eAsync, Throw Kunai and Kunai Splash worked in the same way with Elements. Throw Kunai is the same as it was before eAsync.
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  12. Hi r0nians, I am looking for streamers that can avail of our new 'Streamer Program' and try out our server. Preferably Asian since we are targeting players from Asia. Preferable platform is YouTube or Facebook. Someone who wants a new content to stream. No restrictions in playing time. Will not be restricted to streaming our server only. (You can stream other games and other RO servers too) We only need you to get our server some screen time and exposure to Asian viewers. What will the streamer get? Full support in cash shop items. A 'St
  13. Hi r0nians, Going forward, as our automated paypal has been switched to manual for now (meaning, you have to message me the receipt on discord for verification), we will be having bonuses for those of you who support our server a lot. We have switched into manual mode for now so there are no country restrictions if you want to support our server. We are still in the process of checking out the platform "GoPay". Bonuses: (not accumulated, only single transaction receipt) $50 USD will receive additional 5x Great Soul $100 USD will receive additional 10x Great Soul
  14. Hi @Mishva, please answer the questionnaire please. πŸ™‚ IGN to be used in our server: What server type: (Pre-re/Renewal/ZeroπŸ˜‰) What rate: (indicate specific rate)
  15. Changed Status to Resolved
  16. Fixed. Thanks @Xlucion.
  17. Cleared hard more poring instance solo and when trying to leave via NPC the dialogue box just dissapears and i'm not sent out of the instance. same applies to normal, haven't tried easy but i'm also assuming the same thing. She thanks you for the help and says she can send you back but dialogue box just dissapears and you aren't sent out. only way out is to use zero group token.
  18. Restart IGN: Bubble
  19. Relaunch IGN: KeyeG
  20. Relaunch IGN : Dandi
  21. Release IGN: F R E Y A
  22. well its Reborn IGN : GBLG
  23. Could be Re-Open? Restart?relaunch? final answer: i will go with reopen ign: MakeR
  24. It is Reborn, too obvious (don't jinx me) πŸ™„ IGN: Porter Robinson
  25. What does this letter "R" mean on our new patch note format? Guess what word this is and those who guess it right will win x10 Minato's Surprise Gift. Reply with your answer and IGN below! πŸ˜‰ Note: Only your first post will be counted as entry.
  26. :^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^)
  27. Hello aspiring r0 players! This program is intended for you! Do you play another server and want your efforts used on your current server be of some use in joining Ragna0? I GOT YOU! Just reply to this thread and show me a screenshot of your ALT+Q window in your post and fill out this questionnaire: IGN to be used in our server: What server type: (Pre-re/Renewal/ZeroπŸ˜‰) What rate: (indicate specific rate) Disclaimers: Will be processed manually so please give me time to respond and process your gears. Your gears will be classified from 3 Cla
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