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  2. Hello! The changes were intended, and we have no plans at the moment to revert them back... Over the past month, we have been rebalancing and rethinking a lot of our math behind our custom additions to the server. The daily rebalance took into consideration other balance changes, as how much zelstar is being used trying for BSB's(which in fact insert lots of consumables into the server, even more than dailies did), and especially the fact that those buffs are mo longer dispelled/removed on death. As for manuals, we will be keeping a close look on how that change will roll o
  3. Idea description: If you made this change because the generation of manual and the consumables was too much, just nerf it to get like 1 or 2 from each quest, and not none. This is by far the worst change i've ever seen. And i'm playing since the beggining of the server, imagine for the new players that won't be able to get their manuals and consumables at all. Why is it good? Because the change was horrible, people won't be able to restock their consumables How urgent is this rate 1-10: 10 Will it affect our economy? Yes, positively
  4. Whatever, Day 19 Reward is 2x Thick Battle Manual, and I won 2x Battle Manual.
  5. Hi. Please patch up the game. Todays patch the attendance was updated.
  6. I was logged in my Stalker (Dandd) when I completed 90 minutes online. Instead of Reward of Day 19 (10x HE Manual), I received on my mail 2x Battle Manual. Please check this and, if possible, give me HE Manual, because Im planning save this to push 130 on my chars. Occurred at Oct-27-2020 - 23:51~23:54 (Server Time)
  7. Last week
  8. Hi, thanks for the report. It checks for 1200 zeny, but will take 300 zeny. Will correct this next patch!
  9. Official Patch log for Lif 3.1.1 starts here ================================== Official Content: Geffen missing Zero quests added. Check wiki for details. Lutie missing Zero quests added. Check wiki for details. Lighthalzen is now complete. Nursing Allen official quest added. Mission Rekenber official quest added. Cursed Spirit official quest added. General: Server Community Guidelines Update RMT (Real Money Trade) will be allowed in Ragna0 as of 2020.11.01. This means
  10. I was doing the enibech quests when I went to use the airplane with 600 zenys, but it was denied. Saying he needed 300 to use the airplane!
  11. Halloween is here... 👻 Trick or Trick? Main Hororon and his buddies are seeking help from level 50 + adventurers in the living world....Jack is missing! Take part in the search for Jack and explore 3 Halloween tasks and their dailies. Bloody Mansion A Ragna0 exclusive Halloween instance for you to challenge.... it's quite scary... Event NPCs Sleeping Coffin is the main character of this event. Open Halloween Box for 1 Halloween Coin, chance to obtain Cookie Bat Pumpkin Pie Pumpkin Candy Pump
  12. Hi. Please read this guide: https://www.ragna0.com/wiki/Criatura_Academy and then follow up with this guide: https://www.ragna0.com/wiki/Eden_Group
  13. My account is new, I just created the character, and when I try to join Eden's group, I'm not allowed because of a supposed mission that I don't have to do, and it just won't let me join Eden's group. Help me, please, it's bugged. If there was a quest to do, there would be something saying what to do, there is not, it is a bug. Thank you.
  14. Earlier
  15. Idea description: Buff the Sea God Box to give 5x of each consumable, instead of random from 1 to 5. Why is it good? ¹²³ ¹Actually it isn't worth the effort to do the quests for consumables, there's already some useless consumables on the roll and you still have the chance to get only 1 of what is good. ²A single quest doesn't reward the amount of crystals to receive the box consumables, and you still have a chance to get only one?! ³All the other quests for consumables reward you 5x. How urgent is this rate 1-10: 5 Will it affect our econ
  16. We need better WoE, BG, PvP Arena Rewards as a Whole, a change for the better to the MvP Reward/Ranking stystem ASAP!!!! For me this is one the most urgent things since the beginning, since now the dust has settled, we need this RIGHT NOW!! Awesome suggestion!!! Btw, don't forget to review my suggestion about 3rd and 4th class Cosmetic sprite skins!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  17. Anyway, leave it alone I also have another account to play ok. But that is not fair, because ks is allowed on the server. And in this thought, killing people in GD would also be griefing, since you have to damage the area to kill PT.
  18. There's only one problem with this video: I was already killing mob on the pt side, they passed and loaded it to the pt, so much so that they don't damage the mob because I'm with @noks. You can see in the video itself that they do not damage 3/5 mobs, because they carried it into the pt when I walked, I was giving TP and killing If i was with @noks and they were with @noks, how would I give ks or griefing on pt? '-' (joined the two messages)
  19. Hello... I'll be handling this appeal, even though it came in the wrong section... 1st of all, Hades said to report that to me, by that time we still handled some/most of our reports through discord, in addition to the forums, Hades isn't the one handling reports, I am, that report never got to me, hence why, not a single action could be taken... 2nd when someone mobs, its on their own risk to get something to happen with their mobs on the way, we do not handle "ks reports" as stated on our wiki rules... The thing is, as the video proof shows, you went into their group to ca
  20. I've been on the map since 8 am They arrived on the map and are holding the entire map to take to PT. 2 months ago I sent a message to hades and it was never suggested to use the forum the only thing said by hades was "turn on NO KS" everyone we talked about KS was "turn on no ks". You have to decide whether to ban by KS or not by ban, but it has to be fair, who's holding the entire map happens what?
  21. Hello Suns! i'm sorry that you went through this, but do not worry! actions has been already taken againts the player!
  22. Andrew, this and a few other skill changes are on hold until we have finished our sync to the newest rAthena version, we're nearing the completion of that task, but still can't offer an ETA, it will be widely shared and advertised when we get to it
  23. Shes also ksing the mobbers, she tps around and cast a storm gust for free on the moober. Desktop_2020_10.18_-_18_43_04_26_DVR.mp4
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