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  3. By watching the video we can se that the Lord Knight Seyren MVP drop a few more things in kro0 than in here ragna0 and if we make a search in game @mi Lord Knight Seyren we can see that he does not have those itens at the end of the video, pagma shows each weapon dropped from him 1st - Magic Edge 2nd - Sealed Excalibur 3rd - Mysteltainn 4th - Magic Nagan P.S. in the video he didnt drop the Magic Nagan, cuz all weapons are not 100% chance of dropping, they have 25% chance drop. Lord knight seyren has a chance of dropping all 4
  4. I'm trying use a monk weapon but can't equip Require class monk lv 60 and i'm monk lv 60
  5. I complete a lot of achievements but dont increase progress on achievement ranking
  6. Stroheim

    Merchant Union

    The Merchant union NPCs will interact normally after the next patch
  7. Stroheim

    Merchant Union

    Changed Status to Resolved
  8. Earlier
  9. SereneWind


    Yes, been facing the same issue. We think it has to do with a consumable we are using, but didn't get to find out which one. When you don't use any consumables you don't get this bug, at least in our case.
  10. MakeR

    Merchant Union

    Not only with Merchant Union, all other unions get this buggy if u leave ur current union and try to enter in the same or another union
  11. MakeR

    Merchant Union

    @Stroheim any news on this? my union buffs and coupons of reseting are ending T.T
  12. MakeR


    So te past few days my friends and I have been annoyed with a bug that we dont know how it happens exactly, anyways It has been happening while we do instances, happened in OGH instane a bunch of times and in Odin Instance, after we use consumable's buff and then we relog, our MAX WEIGHT goes to 0, and with that we can't attack nor do anything else. My friend said that once he used a healing potion, he didnt relog this time but still used a lot of consumables, and he got 0/0 weight
  13. The Skill Cross Slash still not working correctly, it don't apply the effect "Cross Wound" that make the damage increases like the description skill says
  14. Idea description: It would be nice if the Rideword Hat became available, via quest of course. The hat is already listed in the database (http://www.ragna0.com/item/view/?id=5208) and would be the perfect replacement for the Hyeggun Pet, as an SP sustain item. Why is it good? Hyeggun pet was giving the wrong bonuses and had to be put down, this would be an alternate option. How urgent is this rate 1-10: 3 Will it affect our economy? Sure, one more good item everybody wants. The price will depend on how hard the devs decide to make the
  15. Hi @Keyes, already fixed and will be live with the next server reboot or item script reload. Thanks!
  16. Lai

    Patch Notes 4.4.1

    ❤️❤️❤️ Hello, my name Lai, owner of Ragna0 and thank you very much! Very good update, very good server, muah! Hope you like and enjoy! ❤️❤️❤️ Infrastructure Upgraded many shop interfaces to enhanced style, we are if not one of the only P.servers with this. Jovovich Styling shop is back, now with three new hairstyles! Content Biolab many mobs in Floor 2 and Floor 3 drop rate of Warrior's Lockbox increased. This will encourage farmers to farm Warrior's Lockbox, due to the previous LHZdaily quest reward update. OG
  17. Yes! Make ninja's great again #
  18. Up. Before the sync, Oboro/Kagerou was a powerful combo for single target, Cross Slash + 2x Shadow Slash, after sync it wasn't working.
  19. The skill "Cross Slash" should apply the stats "Cross Wound" for 3 seg and if you hit the target with that stats you should "inflict more powerful damage" like the description of the skill. Can you look it?
  20. Royal Hunting Competition It's actually a fanboy club for the Royal family card collecting.... 2021.01.05 to 2021.02.08 Event Guide Speak to Royal Hunting Guide when you are level 50+ to enter. Competition Main Exam Being your exam by speaking to Commander Nadezda. Follow her instructions and complete the 3 stage exams. Royal family Cards Bring cards to the desired Royal family to receive a special card. Royal Hunting ground access You can access a special hunting ground with unique monster when you complete the e
  21. VinySO


    Content Idea description: Adjust the growth of Homunculus, since now the Custom AI work. My suggestion is to increase the Humunculus EXP gain from the Alchemist from 10% to 25%. Why is it good? When a Alchemist creat you Homunculus, your level is +-60 and Homunculus level is 1, the current growth rate will never let you Homunculus be strong enough to hunt with you or provide any help. How urgent is this rate 1-10: 10 (since the AI change it's already running). Will it affect our economy? NO, the alchemists who deci
  22. Hi. Will update this for the next update. I asked Hades he said he added this due to the monsters matk issue we had before sync. Since now the mobs are stronger, there are no need for custom stuff.
  23. Hey guys. Since the website changed I found a little hard to get by and find the donate pages without some help. That's why I created this quick guide for those that wanna get that sweet and savory cash coins. Log-in in the official website (www.ragna0.com). Click on the small bag on the upper right corner, and select 'Get Credits'. Enter the amount you'd like to donate. Just a reminder: 1 USD = 1 Credit, and 1 Credit = 100 Cash Points. Click 'Confirm Donation Amount' and, on the next screen, click on 'Donate'. Insert your data and donat
  24. As shown in attached video, the bug manifests when you use Mystical Amplification and you've got a magic attack already ongoing. This really influences the High Wizard gameplay, since the skill combo is > use a skill (ex: storm gust) > while it is still ongoing, amplify next skill > use next skill when the first one is over OR while its still ongoing (ex: meteor storm). HW's are actually losing lots of damage with this. 1858633800_Ragna0Bug-AmplificationMadewithClipchamp.mp4
  25. So, after the new client was patched up, Gravitational Field got a new animation. We're getting two issues with this: This animation is making the game FPS drop for all players in the screen The animation isn't adjusted to the area of damage The actual area of damage of this skill is the following: In other words, the skill's damage is 5x5 and the sprite is showing up 7x7:
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