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    • @Minato!!! I'm on ragna0 with 8 other friends, under the IGN Genocide Pink (gypsy) and Vanilla Salt (creator - currently unactive until we start doing more end game stuff such as LHZ or Faceworm instances). The server me and my friends play in is a pre-renewal, no transcendence classes server - "old times" - it's stuck in 2006/2007 (right after the kunlun patch if I'm not mistaken). It has a few scattered maps edited in (arugel, abbey, lhz/bio-lab) meant as end game content for groups, on top of the old mvp spawns. Rates are 30xbase /20xjob/15xdrops /1x mvp cards My gear is: Majestic Horns (currently working on a custom quest to upgrade it to an edgar hat) WoE Elven Ears (custom DB item, 2% drop chance from Orc Lord) +6 Peco Peco / + 5 Marc +4 Bloody Axe +7 Muffler w/ Raydric (best in slot as no Orc Baby or Giant Whisper cards existed in old times dbs) +7 Shoes w/ Verit (best in slot as no Firelock card existed in old times dbs) 2x Ring [1] w/ Mantis (best in slot as no cramp + tarot card combo existed) Attached to this post is also a screenshot of my Holy Epsilon (mainly used for DPSing Baphomet w/ a devotion tank or raydric farming) and my Snake Head Hat (custom quest inclusion to the DB, it's the one that gives you lv. 5 double attack). My gear was enough to solo most of the solo-friendly mvps (Phreeoni, Edgar, Maya, Storm Knight, Haiti) and to achieve MvP/dps most of the end game bosses (Baphomet, Dark Lord, Samurai). We also have leveling parties at Arugel/Abbey. The server db is available here: https://remember-ro.net/db/ Quest list is available here: https://remember-ro.net/quests/index.php (Snake Head Heat). I'm currently looking into gearing up a Hunter/Sniper as to help my team with DPS, considering that I'm mainly playing Gypsy and both classes share most of the gear. I  farmed the entire archer card set, just need the equipment to slot it in (currently using standard +7 power gear from Zero Group tokens).
    • Oh, I thought I could be considered as zero server, is the problem the illusion nine tail? if it is, i would be ok with having everything else except it. Does the high tier includes the majestic helm?
    • Hello @Gorwin, there are no 'server migration' tiers that is available for you at the moment, and can only give you the high tier at most. 😐
    • Hi there. Is this april fools joke?
    • IGN to be used in our server: Olesya (already playing with this name) What server type: Private Zero What rate: 5x/5x/5x   item list:  
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