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Our wiki page

by Hades on 2020-05-25

Our server offer a wiki page with a lot of info that matches with our in-game content. Read about all existing features, drops, dungeons, towns and quest info!


State of Beta

by Minato on 2020-05-23

Hello r0nians, I can say that looking at the state of the beta, we're now at 40-60% completion. In terms of completion and tests done and still being done. We are still aiming for a June 2020 release (any point on june, 1st to 30th). So please don't ask us when yet since even we, the staff don't know exactly. 🤣 As we dive in below, here is the state of beta as we arrive at its 3rd week:

World Boss
Most Recently Killed MvPs
No MVPs have been killed in the last 3 days