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My first response.

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First I'd like to thank everyone who came together to this brand new RO project, Zero. The current scene came as a big surprise to me, in a mere blink of 3 days, the RO fans from all places  have gathered here and everyone is so hyped!

Our discord now has over 200 members, with constant activity and chats discussing zero related matters. Ingame around 50-80 unique players and very active global channel for LFGs.


So far so good... that's what I thought.....

During the closed beta, we tested the game with only few players and found many critical bugs which we have already addressed.


I guess, that wasn't enough, until we opened up for Open Beta....

We received a lot of reports, mostly minor issues with quick fixes, but there were few things that came up to our desk which I have to address them here to let everyone know.


Zeny (Economy)

  • We found out that the loots sold in Zero are very very cheap, especially the equipment loots are all sold for 10 zeny to NPC shops, the economy in Zero has almost 0 inflation.
  • We will have to correct before our launch, therefore can result in a zeny wipe.

Random Options (Gear)

  • Our chances of getting good Random Options are much higher than the officials, also in our server, we set the minimum random options as 2-4, but in official serveres it's 1-4 and 5 from Forging feature which we are working on. It's very common to see 1-2 random options in the official servers, and 3 is rare 4 are very rare!
  • There are also some rates on bonuses that doesn't match with present day official server.
  • The adjustment will be made before our launch, this can result in a random options wipe.


  • In official zero, there are no Safe rates. There is a chance to break a weapon when you refine +1 to +2. But in our server, we still have this +4 safe refine limit.
  • This is also a big reason why the inflation on the official zero servers are so low.
  • We need to correct this before launch, which can result in a refine wipe.

Monster EXP

  • Our monster EXP gives much more than the officials, which results easier to level a character than we had planned. 
  • This isn't a critical matter as the previous mentioned 3 points, therefore we won't be wiping characters, but we will correct the EXP tables.
  • We will have to see this as a Beta player's benefit.


Our beta will estimate end at the end of this month, and we will do a maintenace during this weekend!

Special thanks to POSIX and mjr for providing good sources to make our work easier.

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