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Patch Notes 1.3

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Feature Updates

  • Zero Academy
    • Welcome to a new Royal Criatura Academy that is based of official kRO:z, many of you have never seen before!
    • This feature's highlight is the higher base EXP reward, compared to the old one we used to have.
    • A new design of the map inside the Criatura Academy.
    • A new main quest, and few changes on the side quests.
    • criaturaacademy.png.f99d81a747b0710c69f786e78f45ae3e.png
  • Rodex mailing feature has a new restriction, to only being able to open a mail when you are inside a town.
    • This due to the work overload for the mailing pigeons, now safer to only being able to access new mails with you are inside a town.
  • Kunai Merchant Kashin in Ninja guild in Amatsu now sells Kunais directly for 25z each.
    • image.png.3a37ca3d92797d771a350f2f85910d24.pngimage.png.399aecba4bbbd5f6c57863bcded16bf5.png
  • Enabled Cell No Stack, to prevent players to stack up vendors on top of each other.
  • Enabled @refresh command, although this is not 100% permanent feature, we are monitoring and see how it works out.
  • Crit damage now deals full potential damage, always maximized. (Refined weapons still adds a small variance.)
  • Turtle Island is now accessible.
  • Amatsu Dungeon is now accessible.

Monster Updates

  • Corrected Variant Maya having a deadly skill, that wiped party in an instant.
  • Added Dark Grandcross skill to Variant Maya.
  • Removed card drops from monsters inside Izlude Deepsea level 6.
  • Added Swift Sohee to Payon Dungeon.

Skills Fixes

  • Corrected a minor issue with Brandish spear for not being "ranged physical".
  • Corrected Suffragium and Impositio priest buffs being a "map wide", it should be "screen wide".
  • Throwing Mastery bonus now applies to the Throw Kunai and Throw Huuma Shuriken skills.
  • Corrected damage virtual display issue for skill Backstab, should be 2 hits display instead of 1.
  • Lord of Vermilion no longer breaks Freeze (ice) status.
  • Corrected a bug on Mr. Kim ensemble buff. (was not working at all.)
  • Corrected a bug where song buff and dance buff could not stack.
  • Corrected a bug for Siegfried ensemble buff not working as the skill tooltip says.
  • Corrected a virtual bug when casting Don't Forget Me dance skill.
  • Corrected missing bonus in Dance/Song Lessons skills.
  • Bard / Dancer can now buff themselves song/dance without being in a party.
  • Corrected damage formula for Shield Boomerang.

NPC Bug Fixes

  • Corrected an issue with "Monk Job change" with missing party check.
  • Disabled few unwanted maps from being accessed by the World Airship feature.
  • Fixed a critical bug inside Ant Hell instance, the massive poisons.
  • Fixed Poring Village instance missing EXP rewards from killing the bosses.
  • Disabled "Mercenary NPCs".
  • Corrected Card remover's error message.
  • Updated 1st job change "weapon refine quest".
  • Fixed many bugs in our Game Events.
  • Fixed a bug with Geffen repair bridge quest.

Item Bug Fixes

  • Corrected Jewel Shield's job restrictions.
  • Corrected weapon level of Thunder Bow, Owl Duke Stick, Staff of Blue Flame, Royal Knight's Greatsword, Royal Knight's Lance & Prison Watcher.
  • Disabled unreleased cards from OCA.
  • Corrected a minor bug in Yggdrasil's Staff, missing full heal.
  • Corrected a missing Long Ranged attack bonus for Infinity Drinks.
  • Corrected Yggdrasil Essence heal rate, minor reduce.
  • Added Swordface to bead list.
  • Corrected Wizardy Staff not giving correct MATK.
  • Corrected Khalitzburg Knight Armor job requirement issue.

Client Patches

  • Added new navigation to work with the new academy.
  • Synced our monster search in Navigation with kRO:z latest files.
  • Updated our item descriptions, include many corrections.
  • Added new academy maps.
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