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Where to Farm Armor with Options

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This Guide will only cover Armor and not Weapons, also only the most important Armors. You find where all the Option Gear drops on the Wiki.

Since Monster Level doesn´t matter for Armor Options we gonna focus on the fastest and most profitable Maps.

If you have Questions regarding Options on Equipment check out my other Guide or hope on my Stream!



Full Plate[1]


Where: mjolnir_07

Which Mob: Savage Ringleader(After killing 100 Savage)

Layout: Small Map, Easy Pathing

Notable Loot: Grape and Rough Elunium



Where: Beach_dun02

Which Mob: Furious Stalactic Golem (After killing 100 Stalactic Golem)

Layout: Small Map, Easy Pathing

Notable Loot: Mud Lump(328z), Brigan(280z), Star Crumb, Rough Elunium, Elunium, Great Nature

The Rest of the Body Armor are pretty bad in comparions to Desert Gear which you find on moc_fild17.





Where: pay_fild02

Which Mob: Snake Ringleader(After killing 100 Snakes)

Layout: Small Map, Layout is mediocre a lot of trees and scrub where the monster could hide.

Notable Loot: Strawberry



Where: pay_fild04

Which Mob: Elusive Poporing(after killing 100 Poporing)

Layout: Small Map, Easy Pathing.

Notable Loot: None, but good chance to encounter Angeling, Ghostring, Deviling, Mastering



Where: moc_fild02 BUGGED RIGHT NOW PecoPeco is reduced

Which Mob: Elusive PecoPeco

Layout: Small Map, Easy Pathing

Notable Loot: Oranges, PecoPeco Card




Where: prt_fild03

Which Mob: Swift Yoyo ( After killing 100 Yoyo)

Layout: Medium Size, Decent Pathing

Notable Loot: Rough Oridecon, Strawberry, Yoyo Card



Where: cmd_fild03

Which Mob: Solid Alligator(After killing 100 Alligator)

Layout: Medium Size, Decent Pathing

Notable Loot: Pretty much everything he drops is worth something. Trash loot is good for NPC, Rough Oridecon, Ygg Seed, Alligator Card





Where: mjolnir_06

Which Mob: Solid Poison Spore ( After killin 100 Poison Spore)

Layout: Small Map, Good Pathing

Notable Loot: Blue Herb, Poison Spore, Karvodailnirol




Where: gef_fild09

Which Mob: Swift Coco (after killing 100 Coco)

Layout: Super Small Map, Good Layout

Notable Loot: None

Crystal Pump


Where: gl_in01 (Glast Heim Towers at the Castle 2 Entrance)

Which Mob: Marionette Ringleader ( after killing 100 Marionette)

Layout: Small Map, sadly a lot of teleport since its split into 4 Parts.

Notable Loot: Brooch, Marionette Doll[1], Normal Crystal Pumps




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That’s fair, it’s still a reasonable spot to farm for full plate as the cards are quite valuable. 


Only other thing I might add is glittering coat from the freezer champion mob in Turtle Dungeon level 3 for a general use body armor. Solid guide.

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