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Zero EXP Table & EXP Penalty

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Hi 0nians!

I hope everything is well and that you've had an enjoyable adventure in our world of Zero thus far!

Today, I'd like to happily announce that we have got ourselves the official Zero EXP Table and Zero EXP Penalty mechanism.

It's good news! 🙂


The Zero EXP Table?

The following curve shows a rough representation of the differences between "Classic", "Renewal" and "Zero".

There isn't so much of a difference in the lower levels, but leveling from 90 to 99 in Zero can be rather challenging compared to classic / renewal.



The Zero EXP Penalty?

With this update, we will remove the current "Renewal EXP Penalty", where you received a steep reduction in exp gained from hunting monsters of a higher level compared to yourself.

The new Zero EXP Penalty mechanism removes the EXP penalty for hunting monsters higher level than you and within 10 levels lower than yourself!

This is great news, as farming higher level monsters will be a new attraction and this will lead to more party leveling. Higher leveled areas can now be explored without hesitation! As the adventure will get more dangerous with battling higher level monsters, don't go solo yolo on monsters higher level than you - it's risky! (death penalty)


Looking forward to see more parties leveling on previously unexplored higher level maps for better EXP results and loots! 😆


PS. By the time you are reading this article, this change is effective in Ragna0.

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