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Malangdo Noodle Neko Festival

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Malangdo Neko Noodle Festival

Hello r0nians!

Since Comodo opening party was a great success, the cats from Malangdo Isle are throwing their own festival now


There are multiple ways to participate in the festival!

Watermelon Harvest

Base Level 60+


Uzzup the island Farmer needs help to harvest his watermelons, you need to harvest 50 Pcs 27368.pngFresh Watermelon, and in exchange he will give you 5 pieces of 27366.pngNoodle Festival Fan that can give one of following items when used:

Wild Noodle Festival

Base Level 60+


Loffy, the guard festival, spotted some suspicious cats wanting to crash the party, but he can't leave the festival grounds, so he is asking you to take care of the problem and kill 10 Wild Riders to help keep the festival peaceful!

As a reward he offers the 27375.pngMini Ocean Hairpin. If you wish, he can exchange it for a Costume Version, but he will ask you for 4 Zelstars in order to do so.


Helping with the festivities

Base Level 60+


Every day, Senji, The cat cheff, will ask you to bring him one out of three different set of items:

Set 1:

Set 2:

Set 3:

In return for your help, he will give you 30 pieces of Noodle Festival Coins, that can be exchanged for the following items:


Event Duration:

3rd Aug to 7th September





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