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Past days after the launch...

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I'm writing this while waiting for the server to get on from maintenance, you know, the "millions of options" takes around 40 minutes to load up...

Anyways, the server has been running now the 3rd day, after it's public release on 1st August, I have to say that it is amazing.

Everyone is amazing, everyone part of our server now is amazing.

Really thank you so much for all the support, and the willingness to give Zero mechanism a try... especially those who came from other servers, who are willing to begin from Zero again.

Thank you!


Shit happens...

With a smooth launch, and a steady increase of popularity of our server, I would say, it's inevitable that few jerks will slide into the crowd and make some noises....

Yesterday, I had to ban someone from the server, for publicly being pure negative and making annoying comments in our global chat, for no reasons.  The actions were reported by few players who got fed up of this persons rants for more than 15 minutes constant....

Also, our Review ratings on Ratemyserver has been polluted by 2 super unreasonable negative reviews... I purely smell hatred for these behavior, not good. All I could was to appeal this to RMS Admin, but got denied with their reasonings...

Thanks to Steph, Ciel and Isel our ratings got justified...

More help would be appreciated,  if anyone could just drop a HONEST review of what you think of our server. Do it when you feel like you are ready for it.

I will leave the link here: 


Patch 1.1 highlight Knight and Ninja

This is a big and sincerer apology for all Brandish Knights and Kunai Ninjas out there, for the past days of public release, many voiced out the superior damage by Brandish Spear and Throw Kunai.

I started to investigate with POSIX and figure out that our formula was wrong compared to the Official Zero Mechanism, these 2 skills were then labelled as Bugs.

It's my fault for not being too careful and not fixing this issues during beta... I have no words to say or to defend myself from this case...

The brandish spear and throw kunai has now been corrected after patch 1.1, and are still very good offensive skills.

Rest assure that being Brandish Knight and Kunai Ninja are still one of the best choices to make in Ragna0!



Server is up! Patch 1.1 ❤️ 

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