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[Official Lif] Patch Notes 1.3.0

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Official Patch log for Lif 1.3.0 starting here

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Official Content:
    • Quests
        - added last remaining quests to Hugel
        - minor fixes to Geffen Bridge quest, Yuno dailies, and added Daily Quest icons
        - added some minor official NPCs to Hugel (Tourists) to mirror official
        - adjusted official headgear quest requiring 1000 kobold to 100 stone shooter
        - entrance quest on Abyss Lake implemented
        - museum staff quest on Yuno fixed

    • Eden
        - eden turn in quests now gives increased exp viable for solo players offering a different approach instead of party-play (but party exp on current known high level areas are still better)
    • Item fixes
        -  15218.pngLesser War Plate [1] and 15239.pngAdvanced War Plate [1] job restrictions fixed
        -  19238.pngPoring Village Leek and 19239.pngPoring Village Carrot level requirement (30) fixed and their official view ids.
        -  32022.pngFreezing Trident [1] element fixed to water (was fire?!)
        - 32201.pngDullahan's Glove [1] fixed giving the +9 effect, "ATK+2%" on +8 below
        - 29421.pngMonk's Essence I Lv2 fixed autospell part effect (now summon spirit sphere)
        - fixed search store to finally show random options
        - fixed buying store item causing server crash
        - 15393.pngGold Dragon Plate [1] weight fixed
        - 13315.pngThunderstorm Huuma Shuriken [2] fixed with the correct effect for Wind Blade skill
        - 20869.pngExpedition Muffler [1] losing +9% neutral resist effect on +3 refine above fixed
        - 20868.pngExpedition Manteau [1] +3 flee effect when refined fixed
        - 22152.pngExpedition Shoes [1] recovery rate effect fixed
        - 22157.pngConquerer's's Greaves [1] 22158.pngConquerer's Boots [1] and22159.pngConquerer's Shoes [1] now giving correct sp recovery rate
        - 4531.pngRed Eruma Card and 4533.pngOctopus Card proc rate fixed
        - 13311.pngSword Huuma Shuriken effect fixed
        - corrected item combo effects that didn't give baseatk and baddclass effects
        - corrected all MatkRate items to official behavior 
        - corrected missing combo effects and refine effects on Expedition III gear
        - added unique item effect to 26650.pngMidgard Glory
        - some restricted items given by First Aid Box can now be sold on NPC (clean up your inventory guys)
        - 7030.pngClaw of Desert Wolf is now replaced by 6252.pngBlood Of Wolf on quests that needs it
        - item descriptions for effects with demihumans further enhanced - indicates if it can affect players
        - kunais and shurikens weight now 0.1 mirroring official
    • Monsters
        - fixed Mutant Dragonoid respawn time
        - fixed wrong mob id for a hard poring instance achievement
        - fixed champion spawn bug that caused an infinite loop that resulted to a server restart last week
        - fixed missing champion mobs due to the fix above (GD mobs, spore, etc)
        - max of 2 champion mobs can now be spawned
        - changed drop table to our own official treasure chest mobs from Fadhgridh and Swanhild castles
    • NPCs
        - minor fixes to dialogue for Union Odin Orthodoxy Pilgrimage item requirements
        - fixed rewards for last 5 Eden Champion hunting quests, will now properly give out 3x food buffs
        - updated Card Remover NPC to 70% success rate (was 60%, don't you dare blame us guys :p)
        - removed Amatsu from Warper NPC
        - removed 3 unused flags from Prontera, retained the 2 that will be used
        - reduced exp of some achievements (3000 exp!?) to prevent level hop
        - essences on T1 Exped Gears are now sync'd with Wiki, will now only give lv 2 essences (it was still giving lv1 before)
        - added marriage system
        - fixed union buff Lucky giving only +3 crit and no +3 perfect dodge
    • Skills
        - Assumptio and Basilica enabled on WoE maps
        - Pressure fixed to closely mirror official behavior
        - Holy Cross fixed to closely mirror official behavior (damage up?)
        - Acid Demonstration proved to be forced neutral and cannot miss on kRO:Zero
        - Spiral Pierce adjusted by a little to further mirror official damage
    • War of Emperium
        - enabled Fadhgridh and Swanhild as main and sub castles
        - schedule of WoE - Wed/Sat at 01:00 to 02:00 server time
    • Prontera Bounty Quests (DWM Quests)
        - about 75% revamp of how it works and fixed the bug with the limits and not recognizing that the quests is complete
        - daily quest will still give out items that will help players (now limited to Potions/Normal Ores/BMs and all item counts nerfed and some items taken out completely) but is now set for the current population and economy (previous one would've worked, but not on the current population)
        - weekly and monthly quests will now give points called "Bounty Points" (instead of giving items directly) that can be used on an exclusive shop for items, such as 6635.pngBlacksmith Blessing, 7619.pngEnriched Elunium and 17251.pngC Wing Of Fly 3Day Box (all have varying price and is carefully analyzed)
        - each weekly quest will all give out 50 Bounty Points, and monthly will give out 300 Bounty Points
        - for the math on weekly: 50 Bounty Points x 3 (limits for the weekly) = 150 Bounty Points per week
        - for the math on monthly: 300 Bounty Points x 1 (limit for the monthly) = 300 Bounty Points per week
        - totaling to: [150 x 4 (4 weeklies done per month)] + 300 (1 monthly done per month) = 900 Bounty Points monthly per player
        - this will be the basis of items that will be added in the future
        - is officially on 1.0 version and more will be added in the future, for the quests themselves and items in the shop
        - taken out Poring Village Hard Mode quest since giving a Bounty Point for this is tricky and is not rewarding at the current setup, will be revisited in the future if more and more players/parties can finish this mode
        - taken out all but 2 magma dungeon 3 quests for easier balancing the kill counts on weekly quests
        - taken out Incantation Samurai, White Lady and Lord of Death and replaced with easier MVPs (Maya, Pharaoh, and Drake) for easier accessibility within the majority of the player base
        - Disclaimer: all quests are account based / be sure what quest you'll get as you won't have the option to abandon quest



Official Patch log for Lif 1.3.0 ends here


Pending stuff and things to come : (NO ETA)
       - aura quest for max level still cooking (WIP)
       - *censored* blessings (note: not BSB) (still WIP)
       - world boss mechanics/explanation (still WIP)
       - additional items on vote for points (will come after further improvement on voting system)
       - Transcendent quests will have its "official quest" on Base Level 130 patch
       - Einbroch with related items/mobs/quests/dungeon/new fever field, no ETA for now (http://roz.gnjoy.com/news/update/View.asp?BBSMode=10014&seq=70&curpage=1)

Next minor event/content:
       - "Festival of Neko": exclusive costumes that will only be made available for these series of content coming soon™ near you, no ETA for now

       • Random mob on Hard mode instances (excluding Poring Village) getting the multiplier of the boss, @Stroheim will be checking
       • Minor bugs on Hunter Union Daily Quest





Attention! This will expire on August 1! >>> 

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