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[Official Lif] Patch Notes 1.1.0

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Official Patch log for Lif 1.1.0 starting here

v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v 

Official Content:
    • Malangdo
        - some dungeon mobs turned into aggressive officially
        - daily quests with 24H cool down will now refresh at 00:01 server time (from a fixed counter)
        - quest rewards further increased to x3
        - further enhancement on scripts

    • Yuno
        - fixed a critical bug on Emilia NPCs quest
        - disabled a buggy "cat" npc on yuno_fild03
        - further enhancement on scripts
        - runaway book now spawning again
        - capture rate for runaway book now 100%
    • Izlude/Prontera/Geffen/Payon
        - further enhancements on quest scripts including and not limited to newbie quests
    • Glast Heim/Aldebaran
        - daily quests added
    • Quest NPCs
        - added a lot of new icon indicators matching official server
    • Novice land
        - porings will now not be extinct for newbies
    • Homunculus
        - autofeed now works (http://www.ragna0.com/forums/reports/skillreports/homunculus-wont-autofeed-r302/)
        - issue on exp fixed (http://www.ragna0.com/forums/reports/skillreports/homunculus-isnt-getting-10-of-the-alchemist-exp-r303/)
    • Rogue quest
        - mobs in the area will now reset every time a new player comes in
    • Cash
        - bells will now summon a cat kafra that only you can see by your side
        - cash boxes effect fixed (duration, and was fixed on the day after it was discovered, not really at this posting)
    • Skills
        - Raid skill fixed (http://www.ragna0.com/forums/reports/skillreports/raid-sightless-mind-debuff-time-lasting-only-7-hits-r290/)
        - Berserk skill sync'd with official zero (http://www.ragna0.com/forums/reports/skillreports/lord-knights-skill-berserk-not-working-as-intended-r305/)

    • Prontera Bounty Quests NPCs (DWM) quarantine lifted
        - limits for each is also live
    • Monsters
        - 155 more monsters now has correct exp mirroring official
        - MVP tags on Deepsea Coelacanth, Giant Octopus, and Bone Detale corrected
    • We all love your achievements
        - fixed the issue wherein account bound progress is being "hardsaved" on first logout of your character
        - now fully working as intended
        - minor fixes on achievement ids
    • Union for the players
        - revamped hunting quests to be more logical and "easier"
        - cooldown fixed (3H/6H/12H)
    • U da real MVP/PVP
        - ranking will now reset monthly
        - added rewards on database
    • Fistsssssssss
        - Excruciating Fist sp cost fixed from 200sp to 30sp
    • You're all duckers
        - egg will now be deleted when "run-away" pet's master logs out
    • Assistant
        - warp for novices on 2nd floor academy changing to ninja changed to amatsu proper
    • Item fixes
        - 27356.pngHades Insurance fixed to untradable
        - 1304.pngOrcish Axe now fixed getting equipped by Novices
        - 25398.pngKingdom Guild Coin is now weightless
        - 14497.pngBushy Moustache costume is now a lower headgear (from top)
        - 16078.pngOak Mace [3] weapon level fixed to 2 (from 1)


Official Patch log for Lif 1.1.0 ends here


Pending stuff and things to come after official launch: (NO ETA)
       - WoE Treasure Chests still cooking (WIP)
       - aura quest for max level still cooking (WIP)
       - *censored* blessings (note: not BSB) (still WIP)
       - world boss mechanics/explanation (still WIP)
       - abyss lake official daily quests (still WIP)
       - WoE schedule will be discussed with the community
       - additional items on vote for points (will come after further improvement on voting system)
       - Transcendent quests will have its 25430.pngMythril requirement on next next major update (Base Level 130 patch) (officially it requires 50pcs, on ours, it will be 10pcs)

Next major official content: 
       - Einbroch with related items/mobs/quests/dungeon/new fever field, no ETA for now (http://roz.gnjoy.com/news/update/View.asp?BBSMode=10014&seq=70&curpage=1)

Next minor event/content:
       - "Festival of Neko": exclusive costumes that will only be made available for these series of content coming soon™ near you, no ETA for now

       • Enriched ores can still be used on +10~>+11 refine which shouldn't be the case (Still a known issue with no fast fix available)
       • Loli Ruri's extinction - still checking.

Current active forum event: JOIN NOW!

Current active ingame event:



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