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Newbie Rewards + Daily Lottery

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Newbie Rewards

When you first login to our servers, you will meet Guider Rozelle, just as you start out your adventure in Izlude.

When you talk to him, you can claim a gift, to help you start your adventures. You can only claim this reward ONCE A DAY, during a week, and ONLY ON ONE ACCOUNT. If you claim it on a different account than your main account, you won't be able to claim it again, or transfer the rewards, so make sure where do you want to accept the rewards!


List of rewards

Day 1 12312.pngThick Battle Manual x2
Day 2 27347.pngRed Syrup Box x5
Day 3 12312.pngThick Battle Manual x4
Day 4 27348.pngOrange Syrup Box x5
Day 5 12209.pngLife Insurance x10
Day 6 12312.pngThick Battle Manual x6
Day 7 27313.pngInfinite Flywing Box x1(7 days)


Daily Lottery


You can also try your luck once every day on our Lottery Machine, you can find it by heading north of the central plaza(Prontera 165,300)

Daily Lottery.jpg


List of possible rewards

27002.pngEvent Coin
12208.pngBattle Manual
12041.pngFried Grasshopper Legs
12046.pngGrape Juice Herbal Tea
12051.pngSteamed Crab Nippers
12056.pngFrog Egg Squid Ink Soup
12061.pngHoney Grape Juice
12066.pngFried Monkey Tails
11500.pngLight Yellow Potion
11501.pngLight White Potion
11502.pngLight Blue Potion
7621.pngToken Of Siegfried
617.pngOld Purple Box
12999.pngDead Branch Box
12042.pngSeasoned Sticky Webfoot
12047.pngAutumn Red Tea
12052.pngAssorted Seafood
12062.pngChocolate Mousse Cake
12067.pngMixed Juice
12057.pngSmooth Noodle
7619.pngEnriched Elunium
12312.pngThick Battle Manual
27056.pngCostume Ticket Box
616.pngOld Card Album
7620.pngEnriched Oridecon

We hope this simple features can help you start your adventures in Rune-Midgar, and that you have a wonderful time with us!

"Forget everything you know about RO, a new start with Zero"

Thanks for staying with us!

Ragna0 Staff

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