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To donators of Aesir

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Hey buddy.

Sorry for keeping your hanging, now it's time for me to address this...

Thank you so much for supporting Aesir by gifting your money to the server.

It really helped me with the balance of the budget.

Now what happened to Aesir is unfortunate, and to make up to your contribution, I decided the following:

Donation Claim

  • I will add 50% of total value to your Lif account.
  • Need to fill following form
    • Account Name in Aesir
    • Account Name in Lif
    • Total Money donated
    • Paypal Email
  • SEND to email [email protected] using the Paypal Email that you donated for.

This offer expires on 2020.08.01, make sure you send the email before said date.

The Cash Points are added, a reply will be sent back.


If you have a friend that you know have donated to Aesir, let them know about this.

Thank you again!

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Posted (edited)

Would have helped being able to see our donation history on the website. My donation history comes up blank.

Edited by Lukien

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