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[Lif Beta] Patch Notes 0.5.0

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HEADLINES: STILL NO ETA ON LAUNCH. (still JUNE 2020, this means any day of June 2020 )

Official Patch log for Lif 0.5.0 starting here

v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v 

Official Content:
    • Implemented Zero Transcendent Job classes.
        - increased level cap to 120
        - increased max stats to 120
        - increased job level 70
        - implemented Zero exp table
    • Implemented Zero Kagerou and Oboro Job classes.
        - added job change quest (see https://www.ragna0.com/wiki/Kagerou_Oboro for details)
        - added huuma job test item remover NPC
        - increased level cap to 120
        - enabled items relating to these jobs
        - skills/cds/cts and descriptions are 99% accurate
    • Implemented Zero Transcendent rebirth quest on yuno.
        - fixed valkyrie weight checked
        - added Runaway Book (2414) mob for the alternative on rebirth quest 
    • Transcendent skill effects, cast time, and cooldowns are now 99% accurate. (please use current skill description in game to find out current official effects!)
    * will just list out the controversial skills *
        - fixed Spiral Pierce and Shield Chain calculation now more inline with the damage on kRO:Zero
        - fixed Pressure calculation damage and element from fire to holy
        - fixed Sonic Blow dealing x2 more damage when mob is below 50% instead of x1.5
        - fixed gravitation field tick and damage, and element from earth to neutral
    • Implemented Malango town and NPCs regarding this update. (See https://www.ragna0.com/wiki/Malangdo_Island for details)
        - added to town warper npc
        - added items and quests relating to Malangdo update (see wiki for the complete list of new items)
        - implemented gear options for items that came from this update
    • Implemented Malangdo dungeons. (mal_dun01 and mal_dun02)
        - added mobs inside malangdo dungeons (see https://www.ragna0.com/wiki/Malangdo_Dungeon for details)
        - added nomemo mapflag inside the 2
    • Implemented Zero version of Homunculus.
        - reserved space for details
    • Fixed NPC positions imitating kRO:Zero.
    • Implemented Advanced War Gears.
    - upgraded version of lesser war gears
    • Implementing cards from iz_dun05 mobs.
    • Moved Dark Shadow NPCs from moc_fild16 to morroc.
    • Added useful items and easy to get started costumes on their respective Union Shops.
        - more will be added before official launch
    • Fixed Union Shop NPC making you stuck if shop was closed prematurely, and the dialogue wasn't closed manually.
    • Fixed unique union buffs being dispelled by the skill "Dispel".
    • Instances are now separated to 3 difficulties.
        - Easy, Normal, and Hard
    • Implemented weekly instance ranking.
    • Implemented multipliers for all existing instances to preserve difficulty going into Trans update (aside from Poring Hard Mode).
        - Multiplier:

Legacy ----Past-----> Normal Hard    
Lif ----Now-----> Easy (Base) Normal  Hard Poring Hard Mode
Modifier  MobHP x1 x4 x40 x1 (unique)
  MobAtk x1 x3 x6 x1 (unique)
  MobAmt x1 x3 x5 x1 same as easy
  BossAtk x1 x2 x7 x1 (unique)
  BossDef x1 x1 x2 x1 (unique)
  BossMdef x1 x1 x2 x1 (unique)
  BossHit x1 x2 x3 x1 (unique)
  BossFlee x1 x1 x1 x1 (unique)
  BossHP x1 x3 x10 x1 (unique)

    • Added Poring Hard Mode.
        - will drop tons of jello fragments needed for Expedition Gears
        - certainly not for average to below average geared players (above average gears would suffice) 
        - generally designed for max party of 12 and job class diversity of the party
        - will certainly require some sort of planning/teamwork inside
        - added mob IDs 1805, 1806, 1807, 1808, 1809, 1810, 1811 for the mobs and drops (BSB MVP drop not yet final!)
        - added unique skill behaviors from the mobs inside this instance that will surely kill you

    • Kingdom Quest coin reward boosted by 1 coin per quest.
    • Boosted Eden Champion hunting food rewards.
        - all food buffs giving below +5 stat are now to be given out 5pcs (from 1pc) per quest
        - all food buffs giving +6 stat above are now to be given out 3pcs (from 1pc) per quest
    • Boosted official daily quests around Rune-Midgard.
        - NPCs that has a daily quest after you finished their quest will give now give out an additional 12208.pngBattle Manual
        - Some NPCs would give out 3pcs 23725.pngFinest Course or 3pcs 23611.pngFountain of Ymir (or something similar)
    • Implemented Daily/Weekly/Monthly Quests.
        - quests are designed into the daily tasks of players around the world
        - some quest (and more can be added in the future) can act as a safety net for some hard to get items like 32200.pngMagician's Glove [1]
        - rewards are guaranteed to be useful
        - added weight check, you can't talk to the npc and must free up 2000 weight
        - added [DWM] exclusive syrups 27095 and 27096 with half the normal weight of the official syrups for an advantage in using these
        - added [DWM] exclusive syrups 27097 and 27098 to differentiate normal syrups from DWM ones, item trade restrictions are added to DWM syrups.
        - added 27093 and 27094 for DWM exclusive rewards
Events and Features:
    • Implemented automated PVP Event.
        - fixed some issue with the event itself not ending correctly
        - weekly pvp ranking rewards for rank obtained is not yet finalized
        - and also, weekly MVP ranking rewards are also not yet finalized
    • Disguise event winner now map-wide instead of global.
    • Revamped drops of Feature "Forgotten Box". (See https://www.ragna0.com/wiki/Fever_Field bottom of the page for details) 
    • Implemented Daily Gacha.
        - see http://www.ragna0.com/forums/topic/359-updated-lif/

    • Fixed Meteor Storm and other skills crashing the server.
        - bug was introduced from the 1st wave of Trans skills update
        - 100% clear of server crashing bugs at the moment
    • Changed all refiners to use the modern UI.
    • Channel reorganization.
        - added channels used by different features (event, mvp, etc)
        - default login channels now include event, pvp, woe, bg, and MVP
    • Disabled "stat build manager" on @hi disabled seems it's bugged at the moment.
        - will reset your stats and not give out proper stat points when an empty slot is selected
        - no ETA for re-implementation
    • Fixes to NPC names around different cities.
    • Cooking optimization.
        - (reserved space for description)
    • Changed cash shop item Hunting Pack manuals from regular +50% exp 12208.pngBattle Manual to +150% exp 12312.pngThick Battle Manual.
    • Decreased cost of normal ore to enriched ore by half.
        - from 500k to 250k
        - to promote more +7 average gears
    • Increased requirement of enriched ore to HD by 1.
        - 2x enriched is now needed for 1 HD ore (to preserve the price and rarity of +9 items)
    • Changed how the lottery Zelstar works.
        - Will now be very randomized when compared to the one on aesir
    • Pet taming reorganization.
        - checked Zero exclusive pets if up to date
        - food for pet ninetail added to pet groomer
        - fixed Deviruchi evolution requirements
    • Fixed erratic annoying Attendance window popping up everytime.
    • Added automated monthly reset for Blacksmith/Alchemist rankings.
        - this is done to accomodate aspiring forgers/brewers and for a single player to not hold a spot for more than a month
        - rewards monthly not yet set and finalized***
    • Added storage NPC inside Adventurer's Inn.
    • Fixed @hi "job suggestion" for aspiring Hunters (job change QoL).
    • Added event navigation NPC guide.
    • Added nomemo mapflag on mag_dun03.
    • Fixed decarder npc not consuming discount coupons upon usage.

        - fixed maximum amount of decard coupons that can be used (max 10 pcs) that had a seriously game breaking bug
        - also fixed stat/skill resetter which had the same bug stated above
        - fixed cutin image in diaglogue not going away introduced by the fixes stated above
    • Fixed angeling potion not casting angelus when used.
        - also fixed stone curse introduced by this angelus due to me implementing the code wrong
    • Lowered the price and weight for 717.pngBlue Gemstone (to 450z and 0.1 weight!) and increased cost of 11624.pngBlue Syrup from 5000z to 7000z.
    • Fixed Payon Tool NPC selling [DWM] syrups bug introduced to the recent moving of NPCs.
    • Fixed elemental converter crafting requirements

        - was using green live for fire convert crafting, so on and so forth
    • Changed duration of elemental converters to 20 minutes.
    • Implemented gemstone bags. 27101 27102 27103
    • Some gear fixes:

        - fixed Thieves being able to equip 1304.pngOrcish Axe
        - corrected 1402.pngJavelin [4] selling value to 10z
        - corrected 2339.pngPantie selling value to 10z
        - corrected 5579.pngWanderer's Sakkat [1] level requirement to 60
        - corrected 26016.pngRoyal Knight's Lance item slot
        - corrected 23015 32017.pngAdvanced War Pike [1] 32022.pngFreezing Trident [1] being equipped as 2 hand instead of 1 hand
        - fixed too much "-" in VCT random option from Regional weapons that "might" have affected its effect
        - corrected price for 2873.pngCat Hand Glove [1] to 100k
        - corrected some essences not taking effect when a certain refine is reached
        - fixed 28741.pngOrcish Dagger [1] not giving the attack when refined to +7
        - fixed Lava gear combo not taking effect
        - corrected 13011.pngAsura [3] selling value to 10z 
        - checked and fixed every expedition gear combo effect *please let us know if we missed some
        - fixed "warsuits" not being able to be worn by ninjas
        - fixed malangdo equips not getting on +10 refine effects 
        - corrected weight of 23647.pngTool Dealer Bell and 23648.pngKafra Storage Bell to 0
        - corrected job restriction usage for 12884.pngInfinite Concentration Potion 12885.pngInfinite Awakening Potion 12886.pngInfinite Berserk Potion
    • Greatly improved 3 optioned gear drops from normal bosses and 4 optioned gear drops from fever bosses.
        - tested with 10 mvp kills, 8 out of 10 are 3-optioned gears
    • Added new garment costumes on cash shop.
    • Added more 27088.pngBag of Zelstar to bosses in terms of difficulty
        - Tiers: Easy, Medium, Hard
        - Easy will drop 1 27088.pngBag of Zelstar for 100%
        - Medium will drop 1 27088.pngBag of Zelstar for 100%, and 1 27088.pngBag of Zelstar for 75% each
        - Hard will drop 1 27088.pngBag of Zelstar for 100%, and 2 27088.pngBag of Zelstar for 75% each
        - All fever MVPs are counted as hard but will drop 3 27088.pngBag of Zelstar for 75% each
        - Easy: Eddga, Orc Lord, Amon Ra, Dracula, Golden Thief Bug, Phreeoni, Mistress, Moonlight Flower, Osiris, Drake, Pharaoh, Garm, Turtle General, Maya
        - Medium: Doppelganger, Orc Hero
        - Hard: Tao Gunka, Baphomet, Dark Lord, Lord of the Dead, Kraken, Stormy Knight, Samurai Specter, Vesper, Giant Octopus
    • 27088.pngBag of Zelstar from champion mobs buffed to 15%/20%/25% drop rates.
    • Changed Desert Frilldora element from Fire 1 to Earth 1 due to proof. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XB17bC-cYF4)
    • Removed Desert Wolf, Christmas Cookie on dead branch.
    • Changed Maya element on memorial instance from Neutral 4 to Earth 4 due to proof.
    • Changed Orc Hero element on memorial instance from Neutral 2 to Earth 2 due to proof. (Thanks @Chaika!)

More tests needed:
    • Generally all Battleground modes
        - please test this, pretty please!
    • WoE
    • Clowns/Gypsies
        - skills are under-tested for these 2 classes
        - no one wants to sing and dance
        - welp?
    • Malangdo stuff
        - please test dungeons/equips/etc/cat npcs on town completely
Known issues/bugs that aren't fixed yet:
    • Cat o ninetail pet effect isn't working
        - no matter what we tried, it's not taking effect, will need more time
    • Hard mode instances are bugged.
        - Stroheim will be taking a look
    • 26809.pngMechanical Wings has sprite errors.
    • Hunter quest on Alt+U not going away.
    • Snow Flake ninja skill is not freezing enemies.
        - might be from the last issue that freeze status was only lasting a second
    • Minor Kingdom Guild Quest coin count
        - number of coins given out is questionable
    • Enriched ores can still be used on +10~>+11 refine which shouldn't be the case
    • Minor stuff on starter quests
        - navigation, some isolated cases
    • Instances cooldown are not yet separated.
    • Second time claiming of rewards of instance quests on DWM are still bugged.


Official Patch log for Lif 0.5.0 ends here


Pending stuff and things to come during beta/before official launch:
    • Yuno
        - Some juicy official daily exp quests
    • Hugel
        - Odin's temple instance (http://roz.gnjoy.com/news/update/View.asp?BBSMode=10014&seq=48&curpage=1)
        - Odin's temple dungeon and Abyss Lake (http://roz.gnjoy.com/news/update/View.asp?BBSMode=10014&seq=46&curpage=1)
        - items/quests/npcs/mobs/enchants relating to Hugel and from dungeons
    • Improving essence pool on Tier 1 gears.
    • Finalizing rewards for rankings

        - Blacksmith/Alchemist/PVP/MVP
    • Cash shop additions. (still untradeable)
        - exclusive costume set boxes
        - exclusive individual cash costume headgears
    • More automated events
    • Account-bound achievements (WIP now)
        - one part will be heavily tied to one feature that is to be implemented granting exclusive buffs to your chosen character (see Ducklings on previous post)
        - will completely revamp the existing ones
        - will include your rank as a Midgard Adventurer
        - will feature easy-to-obtain and very rare costumes as rewards
    • "Blessings of the Valkyrie."
        - more info to come soon
    • 6635.pngBlacksmith Blessing implementation is still questionable

Things to come AFTER our release, no ETA:
    • Einbroch (http://roz.gnjoy.com/news/update/View.asp?BBSMode=10014&seq=70&curpage=1)
        - mobs/dungeons/gears/enchants/quests
    • Lighthalzen (http://roz.gnjoy.com/news/update/View.asp?BBSMode=10014&seq=73&curpage=1)
        - mobs/dungeons/gears/enchants/quests (this update contains Transcendent essences)
    • Gonryun (http://roz.gnjoy.com/news/update/View.asp?BBSMode=10014&seq=93&curpage=1)
        - mobs/dungeons/gears/enchants/quests (contains the nect regional gears, similar to earth/yin-yang weapons)
    • Future official updates.


This is a combined effort between @Hades@Stroheim@Holly, Me, and last but not the least, you, our community. We thank you for your continued support in our beta! More content and fixes are soon to come our way!

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Thank you for taking the time to bring quality content to us!

We know that sometimes we can be inconvenient asking when it will be officially released, but it is because the Hype is big!

Thank you again!

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