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Patch Notes 1.95

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Valentine's Event

  • Revamped Romeo to give 3 tier hunting quests:
    • Hunting quests will involve hunting event monsters "Teddy Bear", which are spawned in various dungeons
    • Lv1~40 (Easy - Hunt Petite Teddy Bear)
    • Lv41~70 (Normal - Hunt Moody Teddy Bear)
    • Lv71++ (Hard - Hunt Sacred Teddy Bear)
    • 'Romeo' will give information on exact spawn locations of the 'Teddy Bears'.
  • We are in progress of updating the quest info in ALT + Q.
  • 'Hearts' item is now tradable
    • ***This item and its related shops/NPCs will be deleted after the event ends.

Elite Fashionista

  • Previews available costumes
  • Input the name of the costume headgear/garment in partial or full to begin.
  • image.png.a622043250381c7cdd1aeccdc44d512a.png
  • image.png.0c9c0579cb2bb55a5990e1936e500ab4.png


Ranked Potion Bonus

  • Initial boost for top 5 brewers.
    • Ranks 1-5 bonus: +75% Healing
    • Ranks 6-10 bonus: +50% healing (unchanged)


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